Essays on Marketing Plan for Settebello Restaurant Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for Settebello Restaurant " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   This report is a marketing plan for Settebello restaurant that is seeking to enhance its competitiveness in the industry. In the report, the purpose of the marketing plan is properly outlined to give the reader some understanding concerning the objectives of the marketing plan. The scope of the marketing plan concerning the duration of the marketing activities and the expected outcome is properly outlined in the plan. The methodology that will be employed in the process of collecting the necessary information needed in the marketing activities is explained.

Also, a situational analysis of Settebello restaurant is done where various aspects concerning the market and the company are explored. For instance, issues concerning the market, company, products, the business environment, customers, and competitors are explored to assess the competitiveness of Settebello Restaurant. Besides, SWOT analysis is done to assist in assessing how competitive the company can be in the industry. 2.1 PURPOSE The marketing plan is aimed at assessing the competitiveness of Settebello Restaurant by analyzing the business environments in which it has been operating.

The various factors that are likely to affect the operations and the success of the company in the industry are assessed aiming at assisting the management to come up with the best strategies that can help to make the company competitive. Through the assessment of the business environments in which the organization operates, the management can be in a position to assess the possible change that it can encounter in its operations. For instance, the company can be in a position to evaluate the level of competition in the market hence adjusting its strategies to ensure that it can survive despite the increased levels of competition.

The knowledge of the business environment is crucial in the process of ensuring that the company is competitive in the industry as the management can be in a position to adopt competitive strategies (Kerin, 2012). Settebello Restaurant operates in the fast-food industry, which is considered to be very competitive. The company has been offering pizzas to the consumers in the industry where it has managed to compete despite the high number of companies offering the same products in the market.

For instance, the company has employed a differentiation strategy that has enabled the company to be unique in the market despite a large number of restaurants offering pizza in the industry. 2.2 SCOPE The marketing plan will take place within three months where the marketing manager will be ensuring that the company products are competitive in the market. The marketing efforts will be geared towards ensuring that the products are made competitive in the industry where the management will make sure that it is aware of the competitors to ensure company’ s products have unique features that can make them competitive.

The primary competitors of the restaurant in the industry include Italia plus 39 Pizza, Nostro post restaurant, Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000 and Max hardware restaurant. The company will ensure that its products are competitive in the market by making sure that they have unique features.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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