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The paper "Rationales for Marketing Strategies" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study.   Organizational goal The risk associated with the plan H/M/L(High/Medium/Low) 1. Identify and expand into new segments Financial risk. Medium   Competition challenge. High 2. Increase the number of hotels Management challenge-knowledge, staffing, employee. High 3. Increase market share Competition. High   Structural resource risk- the systems, regulatory actions. Low 4. Increase sales Market change challenge Medium   Competition. High   Disasters- climate change Low 5. Attract and retain high-quality personnel Relationship risk-reputation, vendor performance. Low   Regulatory challenge-maintaining the customers. Low 6. Provide a world-class hotel experience Structural resource challenge-proprietary information Low   Financial challenge. High   Human resource challenge- knowledge on how to come up with a world-class hotel is a challenge. Medium Part B: SWOT Analysis Strengths Non-substitutable: people are always traveling since this is a sector strongly dependent on tourists, and people will never stop eating and thus this the greatest strength.

The sector should make sure that there plenty of accommodation rooms and plenty of food. It’ s an open sector: creating employments for those even with limited education. The sector should higher its employees from all areas and then train them. It’ s global and with this, it has a larger international market. The manager should expand the business to many areas, or market the one they have online. It cannot be exported or outsourced due to its labor-intensive nature.

In this case, it should treat its staff and employees well. It’ s able to handle changes relatively easily. Should have techniques to handle changes and to work with the desires and demands of most customers. Weaknesses Highly depends on tourists. They can eliminate this by offering other services like outside catering around their location so as to avoid frustrations when tourists do not show up. It depends so much on seasons. This can be minimized by ensuring that there all kinds of services in or out of season. Low levels of skills and education.

The sector can offer training to the employees they have or higher more trained personnel. Low productivity. Ensuring that employees and staff are motivated for them to offer good quality services. Opportunities High demand for quality could add value to the sector. Ensuring that the services offered are of high quality and also ensuring you meet the demands of your customers. Increasing globalization leading to more international travelers. This can be achieved through online marketing. Being increasingly on the move to offer more services to customers. Meeting customers' demands and tastes and moving with technology to meet customers’ expectations. Concern for climate and health should be considered to attract more customers.

The sector should offer services according to the climate of the area and the health of its customers to attract more people. Threats Competition from other sectors. If other hotels in the area are offering the same services. Ensure that your services are of good quality ton out way them. Lack of sufficiently skilled personnel lowers the quality. The employees should be trained and offered jobs according to the area they feel they are good at and an area where they can work comfortably to produce good quality results. Political unrest.

The government should ensure political stability to make sure businesses are not affected. Climate. The sector should ensure that it has branches all over so that even where the weather is not favorable and there are fewer traveling services will still be offered in those areas. Part C: Marketing Strategy For effective marketing of any business, the 4 p’ s have to be considered. These are product, price, place, and promotion. Some strategies focus on each of the elements independently while others focus on the four elements simultaneously in a marketing mix fashion.

In order to get the best out of a marketing strategy, it is important to focus on the four elements simultaneously. The marketing strategies that go hand in hand with the strategic direction of the Sun Plaza Hotel Group are described below.


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