Essays on The External and Internal Environment Pertaining to the Logan hotel Case Study

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The paper "The External and Internal Environment Pertaining to the Logan Hotel" is a delightful example of a case study on marketing. The Logan hotel will delve into the business of hospitality and for which an initial phase of marketing planning is reported through this draft. The hotel chain which is proposed to be located at major sites in an airport district has a very distinctive positioning of being a ‘ Best cost provider’ as its business strategy. The sole criteria of providing an indeed world-class experience in terms of excellence in service and ambiance along with reasonable pricing will put it on the map of competing brands in the hospitality business. The infrastructure and interior decor of the hotel will represent an upmarket trend combined with the convenience of availing its facilities and at a reasonable price, will make it a luring prospective choice among most business travelers as well as regular family visitors.

The management at The Logan Hotel is quite radical and supportive of the diversification strategies and innovations. Also, its leadership truly believes in innovation and takes pride in serving customers. The competitor analysis suggests that the hotel will do well amongst a plethora of either high end or low-end hotels such as to strike a median between the two.

The marketing activities consisting of a mix of promotional exercise as well as outdoor advertising has been depicted keeping in mind the target market of the Logan hotel. The total marketing budget would stay within the prescribed limit of $30,000. The Logan Hotel is a new venture in the hospitality industry on a small scale initially. The mission of The Logan Hotel is to ‘ Serve People’ , and not just products.

Their vision is to continuously utilize its brand’ s huge potential and diversify (extend hospitality) to other foreign countries also. The Logan Hotel, their aim is to provide a quality experience to their customers at affordable prices. They will make their prime offerings as ESH& V which is Excellence in service, hygiene, and value for money, therefore signifying up-market Positioning while offering good and reasonable prices as they intend to keep their Check-in tariffs as low as US$114 for travelers and US$102 usual single occupancy.

The symbols used by them such as its logo ’ h’ to be highlighted at places like entrance, fountain, swimming with the sigh ‘ h’ and hotel chairs will create strong marketing communication.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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