Essays on Marketing Plan (food truck) Research Paper

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SWOT Analysis of Food Truck Strength Mobility of Food Truck greatly facilitates placement of van/truck on strategic position to attract new s. It offers the flexibility of preparing fresh food for customer. It is not confined to one location and therefore can reach and create wider network of committed customers by taking its truck to different parts of city/town. Weakness It has too many disposables which need to be dispensed hygienically Cannot cater to large number of customers at the same time. Has limited or literally no extra space for customers either for queuing or for eating food in leisure. It is seasonal as hot noodles and rice are not preferred in summer.

Opportunities It offers great opportunities of exploiting events and festival seasons as it can be placed near festivities and fanfares where people look for food and snack in between their enjoyment. It can also be huge economically profitable when placed near university campus or schools where it can cater to students who want good food at low cost. Threat The major threat comes from the local municipality which might not allow the van to be placed at any random place. Waste of food which is normally half cooked in anticipation of preconceived number of customers. Discussion The mobility of Food Truck and the easy flexibility are key strength.

Serving hot and freshly prepared noodle and rice are hugely attractive propositions to customers as they get fresh food which they can also customize by ensuring what ingredients to put in the noodle and rice. The low cost of food also ensures that it can attract larger number of customers. Indeed, it also gives an entrepreneur to exploit huge opportunities like fanfares, festive seasons or local events where large numbers of people gather.

By taking Food Truck to the location, it can meet the hunger needs of the people. Noodles and rice are enjoyed by both children and adults. Hence, Food Truck would be financially successful when such opportunities are exploited for business gains. As with other business, main weakness of mobile food truck is proper disposable of waste. It has also to take care of the disposables in terms of disposable plates of customers, organic waste etc. thereby making hygiene as major challenge within mobile food van.

Most importantly, hot food is not preferred in summers so one would need to be creative in its choice of food that it would offer in summers to maintain its financial viability. The municipality fee for different location becomes one of the key threats for entrepreneurs. To overcome this, they need to identify main areas of town/city where festivities/ events are organized, apart from the regular places like town center, university/ school areas etc. where regular crowd of customers look for cheap but fresh and hot food.

This way, Food Truck can meet the municipality/ council fee on a yearly basis to avoid any untoward obstacles at peak business time. (words: 500)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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