Essays on Marketing Plan for a New Tattoo Removal Cream Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for a New Tattoo Removal Cream" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Originally, tattoos were used for various purposes in order to signify rank or status, spiritual or religious devotion and also as a mark of identification. They involve the insertion of ink deeper into the skin layer and can either be permanent or temporary tattoos. Today a tattoo is used as a style statement which means that it needs to be removed and replaced several times in order to fit the contemporary world.

Removal of permanent cream call for special treatment and Amazing Ideas provides you with the best cream for this purpose. Amazing Ideas Company was developed in 2000 in order to provide brilliant solutions for various issues arising in contemporary society. The company focuses on coming up with new inventions in various sectors such as food and cosmetics. Its reputation has been built through the provision of the best solutions in various sectors in the changing world. This report focuses on the company’ s introduction of a new tattoo removal cream in the Australian market in order to address the factor of style by allowing you to change your tattoo any time.

This report provides an overview of the industry, analyses the current opportunities in the market and identifies the market target, segmentation and positioning for the new tattoo removal cream. Industry definition This section provides the definition of the cosmetics industry where our new product belongs. It gives the nature of the industry in the form of its flexibility in the changing world in regard to our new product. It further defines the various classification of our product under the cosmetics industry in order to have a clear view of the competitors in the industry as well as the market target. Tattoo removal cream is in the cosmetics industry, an industry that is rapid changes given the advancing technology and fashion which calls for flexibility in order to adapt to changes.

The cream remover falls into the skincare cosmetics category, then cleansing cream subcategory and finally, it is a special-purpose cosmetics. There are other different methods of tattoo removal apart from the cream which might be one of the competitors in this industry.

These methods include surgical excision among others. in addition, there is some tattoo removal cream brand that already exists in the market today might become the main source of competitors. Thus, tattoo removal can be further classified into the methods of removal (Usunier 2000). The macro-environmental analysis includes economic, social, technological, environmental, political and legal factors. Given that the Australian growth rate better, there are more expectations of potential customers due to increasing income. There is raised awareness in regard to natural products which may pose a challenge to our product and on the other, the likelihood of people to change tattoos to improve their appearance attracts more customers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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