Essays on Marketing Plan for Apples iPhone Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for Apple’ s iPhone" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Technology is really growing very fast globally hence causing mobile phones to be a necessity in both developed and developing nations. It is estimated that in the next few years, more than half of the world population will have ownership of mobile phones. In the modern world, customers expect an array of choices and need quality products that are commensurate with their money. It is in this aspect that the marketing strategic plan has significantly become critical for business organizations in marketing their products.

The iPhone has therefore entered a saturated and mature market of cell phones. However, Apple has had an upper hand in the development of a revolutionary product thereby changing the paradigm in the mobile telephony market. Despite the great work done by the company, achieving worthwhile sales becomes a nightmare in the face of competition. The paper, therefore, discusses the marketing plan for Apple to break the barriers of sales in Europe with its trendy and state of the art iPhone. SWOT Analysis of Apple’ s iPhoneStrengthsInnovative The iPhone has an excellent touch screen that is unmatched by other competitors in the market.

The phone has much other functionality integrated into one device. Compatibility The phone will appropriately work with iTunes as well as other Apple or Mac products such as the new Apple TV that necessitates wireless connectivity. The iPhone also has high compatibility with many Mac OS software tools. The compatibility ensures the unlimited potential for iPhone upgradeability. Easy to use The brand new touch screen interface makes iPhone operations extremely amazing. It is very different from those of other PDAs or other phones that recognize finger gestures.

The application known as Mac OS X embedded into the gadget assures consumers of easy recognition of what they can undertake. Brand awareness Apple Company has been known for making cool beneficial gadgets such as the iPods and other great technological innovations like Macintosh. Price Pricing pegged at about $350, the gadget would, therefore, be sold at a fair price for its value. Its performance outweighs any other smartphone or PDA on the market in addition to the convenience of multiple features in one device.

Quality The iPhone has been considered to have one of the best scratch-resistant and brightest screens offered in the mobile telephone market. It has a very fine metallic casing that is light and durable. The software suite that is included in the gadget is also unrivaled owing to their resistance to viruses and ease of operation. WeaknessesImage The iPhone is not specifically made to target businessmen that most of the makers of smartphone targets. It, therefore, has no reputation as a gadget for the corporate world.

Price The company still does not offer lower-priced iPhone models for low-end customers. OpportunitiesIncreasing expansion and demand to new market segments.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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