Essays on Marketing Plan for Carry on Cruising Ltd Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for Carry on Cruising Ltd" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing.   Carry on Cruising Ltd is considered as the fastest growing business in London. The company has incorporated the use of whilst leisure boat trips on River Thames which have been operating for many years. Its ability to offer focused and different products within predesigned market segments has widely convinced the firm stakeholders that there has been substantial growth coupled with profitability within its defined market. Currently, the company is able to accommodate an approximate figure of four million passengers within London which is a small figure compared to Paris where it is considered to have an extensive network of services. Carry on Cruising Plc's mission is to expand its business operation in the next five to seven years.

This will be achieved by offering differentiated products to its various market segments within its market. Today, the company operates fifteen leisure boats along River Thames with an additional restaurant boat which usually provides meals during the day. This boat is permanently anchored on the London embankment. 2.0 Situation analysis Carry on Cruising Plc has widely recognized that various marketing activities are very essential to the success and profitability defined within its business operation.

The company offers a wide selection of services that are coupled with leisure activities thus creating a basis in their market need (Bly 2010). 2.1Market summary Carry on Cruising Plc has come to recognize the increased growth rates for leisure cruises and its wider ability to come up with a better profit margin from its market and customer base (Bly 2010). The company differentiated services and products offer a greater and better communication background to its targeted market segments. 2.2 Market needs Carry on Cruising Plc is ensuring that it provides its customers with a broad selection of services ranging from a variety of meals and leisure activities on these boats.

These varieties of services were widely designed to ensure that both customer and company needs are met. Selection: customers who are mainly tourists’ demand are met immediately since the company has fifteen offices located along River Thames. Quality: quality food and services are offered since the company has hired staff who work on a temporary and permanent basis to ensure smooth running. Customer services: it is evident that most customers want to patronize companies that have good customer service.

Carry on Cruising Plc ensure that both in peak and off-peak season customer services are maintained at their level best. 2.3 Market trends London is considered as a major tourist destination for foreigners’ visitors, together with a substantial in the population growth within this capital, market trends display signs that assure that the growth looks promising (Cohen 2006).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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