Essays on Marketing Plan for Etihad Airways in Indian Destination Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Plan for Etihad Airways in Indian Destination” is an intriguing variant of case study on marketing. Currently, Etihad markets its products mainly through advertisements. This is carried out through newspapers, websites and outdoor advertisements. Even though this strategy is good for increasing the sales of its products no new awareness is created. Thus in this marketing plan, the airline will incorporate promotional activities such as sponsorship to increase awareness among the target market. Market DescriptionIndia’ s Aviation Industry is undergoing unprecedented growth due to the privatization of the industry that has seen many airlines that are privately owned dominate the market.

The Air Corporation Act of 1953 was repealed in 1994 which was aimed at removing a monopoly of air corporations on scheduled services. This enabled private airlines to operate scheduled service. It also converted Indian Airlines and Air India to limited companies. By 2007, private airlines owned up to 68.5% of domestic carriage. India is the world’ s most multidimensional due to its diversity that ranges from snow-dusted mountains like the Himalayas to sun-washed beaches, lantern-lit villages to software supreme cities and tranquil temples to feisty festivals.

In addition, India is deemed as a one-stop destination for tourists. The country has diverse ethnic groups that translate into an intoxicating cultural cocktail to tourists. Visitors have a wide range of spiritual sites to visit while in India that is both sacrosanct sites and stirring philosophical epics. There are also historical gems for history lovers everywhere. The country is also equipped with many balmy beaches, big jungle cats and many forests that allow one to inhale pine-scented air. A variety of delicious food collection also exists.

Furthermore, visitors can stay in the country at reasonable prices dependent on their pockets. Many tourists visit India because it is one of the most economical shopping destinations. It is recognized worldwide as a one-stop shopping destination for varied shopping interests. Anything varying from handcrafts to expensive gems can be found in India. A wide range of luxurious and comfortable accommodation is available for business and leisure tourist travelers to stay in. most of the hotels in the country are categorized as business hotels, boutique hotels, and first-class to 5 class hotels (Skytrax 2010).

The hotels are equipped with modern and state of the art equipment. The services at the hotels are also among the best in the world. Kerala in India is dubbed one of the best destinations for honeymooners and many rich couples flock there to spend their honeymoons and holidays there (Shaw 14). The economy of India is also one of the fastest-growing economies and given its vast population of more than one billion, many business people fly here to seek business opportunities or markets for their products. First-class and business classes are usually preserved for corporate and wealthy travelers.

These individuals account for the highest percentage of the profitability of an airline especially on the lucrative transpacific and transatlantic business routes (Deccan Herald, 2010). Given the business interests and tourism centers that are widely found in India, many corporate and wealthy travelers fly to this subcontinent. Given the excellent services and facilities of Etihad’ s first-class and business class product, Etihad will benefit a lot in this market.        

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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