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The paper "  Marketing Plan for Hanover Welfare Services" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. Despite the advanced levels of world civilization, some portions of the globe still remain under difficult living conditions. In modern society, people living in hardship are referred to as underprivileged. The underprivileged therefore suffer from a range of problems such as homelessness, lack of food, poor health, limited or no access to education services, joblessness and the like. This means that such people are unable to comprehensively fend for themselves thus require some form of assistance.

This kind of assistance is what Hanover Welfare Services endeavors to provide. Hanover Welfare Services, however, specialize in alleviating homelessness or any form of the housing crisis (hanover. org. au). Working as a solely independent organization and not for profit, Hanover Welfare Services is, therefore, a venture that should be supported at all costs. This kind of support can most certainly be provided in many ways one of which is volunteering. Volunteering to work with a welfare organization enables it to achieve its goals without suffering any cost and in turn, the volunteer gets personal gratification from understanding that they have helped an underprivileged person.

Such volunteers should, therefore, be people who are most energetic, have few responsibilities and are looking for some form of work experience and have some form of education experience. These qualities, therefore, point mostly to people of what is known as generation Y, which is individuals born between the years of 1980-1994. Hanover Welfare Services requires this group to help in such aspects as Organizing social activities such as BBQs and Film Nights; providing administrative support; tutoring disadvantaged youth; mentoring in job skills; assist with the food van, garden maintenance or by serving on one of Hanover’ s many committees.

This project paper, therefore, aims at advancing ways in which Hanover Welfare Services can use to attract and recruit members of generation Y in volunteering to work for them for the good of the homeless. Executive Summary This is a project paper that aims at helping Hanover Welfare Services come up with ways of attracting members between the ages of 13 to 25 apply for voluntary services at their organization.

This voluntary labor is vital in helping Hanover Welfare Services a not for profit organization achieve its goal of housing the homeless. Literature Review Under this title, the paper discussed Hanover’ s current market situation and such aspects as the history of Hanover Welfare Services, Its aims and goals, achievements and volunteering statistics in Australia, SWOT analysis and objectives. Marketing Strategy This was an in-depth analysis of an appropriate marketing strategy that Hanover Welfare Services would use and how it would be carried out. It included such aspects as Marketing campaign specifics, Action Programs, and a Budget.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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