Essays on Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket" is a delightful example of a case study on marketing. Marketing is an important factor that aides an organization to succeed in its plans (Sheth & Parvatiyar, 1995). The marketing plan brings into consideration the means by which an organization can improve its market share. The importance of a marketing plan is to lay down structures that may direct an organization to success. An example of an organization that sees the importance of a marketing plan in Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket is located in Clayton.

The supermarket supplies Southern Asia based foods doubled up with local cuisines. The importance of Southern Asian food within Australia is growing because of globally related issues such as globalization and students coming to Australia. These diverse cultures associated with globalization means that their national requirements should be met, and thus, illustrates the importance of Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket. Therefore, the aim of this report is to analyze the Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket in terms of the internal and external environment, bring into consideration consumer and competitor factors, and SWOT Analysis. Internal Environment Analysis of the Organisation Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket is an organization that has established its roots within the Australian market specializing in providing different varieties of foodstuffs to its market segment.

The supermarket is located in Clayton, initially, it specialized in serving Chinese foods but later incorporated foodstuffs from Southern Asian countries. The mission statement “ To serve with smiling to make you feel like home” embraces their services and products. Moreover, their corporate responsibility is to ensure that they serve their consumer satisfactory, ensuring all requirements of consumers are met. Scope of the marketing plan A rise of competition is evident in many organizations because of factors that are associated with international changes in the business that includes globalization (Linda, Jule, and Wesley, 2009).

Hong Kong Asia Food Supermarket clearly understands threats and benefits associated with globalization and thus it has decided to expand its business activities ensuring they reach the same class as Woolworths. To achieve this, the organization should strategize and differentiate its products relative to its components, at the same time, ensuring all other factors such as marketing mix is improved (Sandhusen, 2000). Brand Details The supermarket has an array of products portfolio that provides drinks, frozen food, cigarettes, and canned food all of which are obtained from Southern Asian countries including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (Sheth & Parvatiyar, 1995).

These products were decided because the supermarket saw that most of their consumers wanted to prepare their national foods but they could not access appropriate ingredients. Thus, the array of products has ensured that such issues are solved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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