Essays on Marketing Plan for iPad in the Australian Market Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan for iPad in the Australian Market" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. According to Armstrong & Kotler (2000), advancement in technology and globalization in the modern market and business environments have enhanced access to information, have shifted the bargaining power to the customer, and have influenced the rampant establishment of firms that offer similar products and services enhancing competition. It has made it much easier for customers to be spoilt for choice in terms of quality, valuable and inimitable products, and services regardless of when and where they are globally (Hill & Jones, 2009). With the changing dynamics of contemporary environments, firms and institutions are realizing that merely focusing on traditional approaches to management to direct production and enhance the capacity of production and delivery of products and services is not enough (Barnett, 2008).

Therefore, firms are first identifying their capabilities in order to capitalize on available opportunities, assessing their competition to establish existing and potential threats and adopting new technologies. Moreover, empowering its human resources as their most valuable and reliable assets, encouraging creativity and innovation and keeping in touch with the rising demands and changing needs, wants, expectations, tastes and preferences of their customers as noted by Kotler & Kevin (2006). This is meant to not only help these firms and institutions to remain relevant and feasible but also, enhance their market shares, increase their volume of sales, boost their profit margins, satisfy their customers effectively and efficiently and more importantly improve their sustainable competitive advantage.

This means that conducting regular situational analysis and planning for modern organizations is not an option as it entails identifying the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities an organization is exposed to, developing and allocating valuable resources and understanding what the external environment is like in order to be able to produce custom made products and services that effectively and efficiently satisfy the customers and more so when developing effective business strategies.

Important to note is that effective planning is essential for success for any business at any particular stage (Kotler & Kevin, 2006). This forms the basis of this report which seeks to explicitly analyze the marketing plan for iPad, Australia.

The report is structured into five sections entailing an overview of Apple Company and iPad, internal analysis, external analysis, SWOT analysis, and the main marketing objectives. Apple Inc According to O’ Grady (2008), Apple Inc is an innovative, successful and among the leading organizations in the technology industry. The Company has earned its reputation as one that bases its business success on innovation and an early adopter of technological advancement with the intent to offer its customers value, quality and luxurious products (Apple, 2010).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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