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The paper "The Global Upward Trend in the Profit Share" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. The market is becoming more competitive with consumer behaviors of purchase shifting to more advanced products. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each business to align itself with the specific needs of the target clients to increase its sales. For many years, Toyota Company has been dominating the market due to the production of vehicles considered to touch the needs of the customers. Moreover, the company’ s products are readily available in most regions globally and cost-effective compared to other companies.

However, the market structure is changing, and the level of competition is becoming stiffer. Companies dealing in automobiles are shifting to the production of advanced vehicles that meet the needs of the current generation. In a meeting in 1983, plans for producing vehicles that are more luxurious with the company began with an aim of acquiring a better market position. It was from such concept the Toyota Motor Corporation began producing Lexus. As a segment of Toyota, the watchword in Lexus is a luxury in which the production of vehicles is based highly sophisticated executive cars.

With increasing competition from other automobiles, it would be important to coin a marketing strategy that would assist in creating a competitive advantage for the corporation. Furthermore, embraced strategy should analyze and integrate the marketing structures into the plan to ensure the alignment of organizational activities with the needs of the customers. The report focused on the marketing strategies, which the organization could use to increase the sales volume. Besides, it looked into the business environmental factors both internally and externally.

External business environment are factors affecting organizational management from outside. In such cases, the organization has no power to control these factors (Espejo 107). For better understanding, the report explained these factors using analytical tools. The analytical tool used is PESTEL, which reflects political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors. On the other hand, internal business was analyzed using SWOT techniques. It is important to note that the aim of having a marketing strategy is to assist in creating a product that would enjoy better taste and preference within the market.

In addition, with other luxurious automobiles coming into the market, Toyota Corporation needs to ensure that Lexus 460 is better positioned to compete effectively with other automobiles. Business environment for Toyota Corporation Business environment incorporate factors influencing the management and decision-making processes of the organization. Depending on whether these factors operate from within the organization or outside the organization, they are termed as internal environment of external environment respectively. Analysis of these forces is important for every business that aims at solving problems affecting the organization.

It is from such a background that the research focused on the critical analysis of both internal and external environments of Toyota with the focus on its Lexus 460 product. It is important to employ different business environmental tools and models to analyze the position of the Lexus 460 product in the market. The external environment employs PESTEL as its analytical tool while the internal environment uses SWOT as an analytical tool.

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