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The paper "Market Plan for Sustainable Offering" is a perfect example of marketing coursework.   The contribution of a company towards a sustainable environment and health to customers is seen in the products being produced. The products that are environmentally friendly to the customers enable them to provide utilize the products and services being offered by the company. In today’ s change and improvement in technology has seen a rise in the use of Smartphone which has aided communication across the board. Smartphones are chosen in this paper as they are widely used by many people, especially in business-related activities.

Just like any other product, the smartphone faces environmental-related problems; the product has to be disposed of after a given period of time after the use or existence of a new model in the market. The use of smartphones though is not all safe as the product emits harmful radioactive products which may affect the health of the users if not well addressed and proper measures put in place. It is estimated that about 1.7 billion smartphones are used annually and these phones are rarely recycled after use.

This thus poses a grave danger considering the emissions by these phones which may largely lead to health-related problems. The study has it that people who are physically affected by the loose of their phones may be diagnosed by a side effect which relates to the fear of not having the phone, this is one of the problems of the phones (Jenkins & Williamson 2015). According to the group assignment, the sustainable offering to this problem is where Google has come up with a way of being able to sell a phone in different parts rather than selling it as a whole.

The same project is being invested in by other bigger companies which are considering the same move important such as Samsung and LG. According to the companies, this concept is considered as being less costly and the outdated phones may be recycled in the process to come with the new model. In addition, these companies have come up with another better way of charging phones through solar energy. Solar energy is green energy and therefore it is harmless to the environment unlike other forms of energy like electricity.

The paper thus addresses the current real issues in the technology trend which can be solved by sustainable offering in place. Environmental analysis The environment of a company is considered to be both external and internal and they both dictate on the performance of the company’ s product. For the Smartphone’ s, various factors both internal and external affect them both negative and positive. Any organization may be affected either directly or indirectly by the external or internal factors.

Internal factors are those that the company management may be affected by them from inside, such factors may be easily controlled by the company (Armstrong et al. , 2014). External factors, on the other hand, are beyond the company’ s control; they are from outside the company’ s management and may not be well controlled by the company management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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