Essays on Marketing Plan: Home Appliances Repairs Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan: Home Appliances Repairs" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Electronics Company is an organization that deals with repairs and maintenance of home appliances. It is six years old but currently, the business is facing competition and other problems that are out off the management control. To understand the difficulties and problems that are faced by the organization, and analysis is taken of the company situation, customers, competitors, and collaborators. 1.1 Company Analysis The aim of the company is to increase the number of repairs that they receive and the maintenance of other household appliances.

Some appliances that are maintained and repaired are an air conditioner, domestic repair, refrigerator, and other household devices. It focuses on increasing the repairs and maintenance to different income earners and people's applicability to the devices. At the moment, low-income earners are the common customers to the organization with minor household appliances. The company is situated in a populated place where there are different income earners which dictates the appliances that they use. The organizational business is unique when compared to the other products or services because mostly the organization waits for appliances to be brought to them, which the come thinks of changing.

In addition, the budget for marketing the product is flexible and the internal departments have been set in a way that it is ready to support any development or plans that should be made. The weakness of the company is that it lacks enough workforces to assist in marketing the product. Additionally, the company has a poor reputation because previous repairs were not that successful. 1.2 Customer Analysis The population and number of people who have repaired appliances are about 30% of the entire population.

This population brings together people who are in the lower and middle-income earners. More than half of customers who repaired the different home appliances are the low-income earners. The target market has low and middle incomes but they have less frequency of repairs since they prefer buying new appliances. In a survey that was conducted, it showed that most of the future customers were just employed while others had completed college and were starting their homes. Most of the future customers are within an area of 34 square miles, which accounts for more than 80% of the population of the entire region. 1.3 Competitors Analysis Most of the market has been taken over by other developed companies.

The majority of the population requires being convinced to see the benefits that are associated with Electronics Company. Other companies have a strong customer base and loyalty. This means that it requires a large resource to change the minds of the customers. There are two major competitors that the company plans to reduce there market share. However, the problem of other companies is their location and the cost that they charge on the maintenance and repairs.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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