Essays on Teragren Company Marketing Strategy Case Study

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The paper "Teragren Company Marketing Strategy " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. It is the aim of every business to ensure that it experiences growth. Marketing strategies offer businesses the opportunity to ensure that they meet their target goals in relation to the creation of a positive brand identity, taste, and preference within the market. Considered as one of the fastest-growing firms in the construction industry, Teragren Company uses bamboo products to construct houses, workshops, and flooring. With the nature of organizational commitment and beauty resulting from the use of such products, there have been increasing demands for products made from bamboo.

The organization continues to enjoy growth due to its marketing strategies that often aim at increasing the scope of its operation from Northern America to other parts of the world. However, in the growing competitive market, there is a greater need for the organization to identify factors, which might help improve the image of their brand (Petri, 2004, 79). These factors contribute to either success of the organization or failure depending on the methods by which the organization integrates them to initiated development.

Teragren Company is one of the greatest companies thriving in the construction industry that uses bamboo with an annual increment in the volume of operations. It is crucial to take track of brand image factors especially those influencing smooth management of the organization. Moreover, understanding the relationship between these factors and circumstances revolutionizing management structures forms the bottom line of identifying the best methods of beating the competitive market. Factors influencing organizational decisions relating to marketing strategies of bamboo products can be either internal or external.

Before implementing any promotional strategy, the chosen method must have the ability to elicit attention, interest, desire, and action among the potential customers.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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