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Marketing Plan Part One Task One Communication is defined as a process of passing the value and or importance of a service or product to the customers (Marsh 2007, pp. 24). It can also be seen as the art of selling a product or service. In an organization like BMW, marketing refers to the process of creating, delivering and conveying the products’ value to the customers, as well as managing the customers’ relationships in the best way that results benefit the company and the shareholders. Task Two SWOT analysis is the assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats from within the operational environment of the organization (Anja 2010, pp. 121).

These are the factors that upset the performance of organizations. The process helps the management is formulating strategic plans in achieving the core goals of the company. From the SWOT analysis, BMW shows that the company employs highly skilled workforce (Jonson 2008, pp. 82). This is strength to the company that builds a perception of value difference in the minds of the customers. The company has also employed technology in designing its cars. This includes use of air bags, ABC and the economically consuming engines.

The BMW engineers always strived to come up with new products every year; thus, keeping the company competitive with the rest of the other car producing companies. BMW is also marketed towards the high end luxurious life style. On the weaknesses, the faces challenges in producing all friendly environment vehicles. The company still has vehicles that pollute the environment. The company is also facing new, stiff competition from some of the emerging companies. The company’s products are perceived as expensive (Jonson 2008, pp.

93). This creates a competitive opportunity to the rest of the companies. BWM has used the opportunity of the emerging markets. This has and will increase the sales of the BMW products. The company has also embraced and exploited the technology advancement. This has offered the company a competitive advantage. On the threats, there has been an increase in the home offices. This decreased the car sales (Richard 2009, pp. 101). There is also a threat of economic slowdown. This lowers the purchasing power of the targeted consumers.

Oil price increase in the future is also considered as a threat since this may result to people going for low fuel consuming cars from the BMW competitors. This will also generate a demand for smaller automobiles. Task Three PEST analysis is the Political, Economic, Social and Technology assessment in an organization. BMW Company has employed technology designing new products. The company has integrated an Actively Hybrid technology in the new 5 Series model which reduces the fuel consumption by more than 10%. This makes the car economically friendly.

The company has also developed a high voltage battery which is placed near the axle. This promotes optimum position in terms of harmonizing weight distribution and safety (Gilmore 2008, pp. 92). Task Four SMART objectives simply refer to specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely targets. The company can target on setting up an effective brand management, and this can be achieved within a given frame of time. This would enable the company maintains its reputation for the brand name. The company can also strive at standardizing of its products (Jonson 2008, p110).

This would open doors for market across the Europe. It would also help in eliminating the regulation slapped on non compliant products. References Andreas, K., 2007. Marketing Plan- BMW series In Germany, Munich: Germany: GRIN Verlag. Anja, B., 2010. The SWOT Analysis, London: Cambridge University Press. Gilmore, B., 2008. PEST Analysis, California: Heinemann Publishers. James, B., 2008. Marketing, London: Cambridge University Press. Jonson, M., 2008. BMW AUTOMOBILES case study, Essex: FT Prentice. Marsh, B., 2007. Marketing, New York: SUNY Press. Richard, D., 2009. SWOT Analysis, New York: SUNY Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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