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The paper "Marketing Plan for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week" is an outstanding example of a term paper on marketing. The L’ Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival requires significant marketing strategies in order to be successful and keep growing as it has been doing in the past sixteen years. These marketing strategies are based on the objectives of the event and aim at both informing the exhibitors and participants of the events, in an attempt to draw more audience. This marketing strategy gives the various strategies that will be adopted to market the event, their suitability, timeline and how to determine their achievement and usefulness.

The types of marketing strategies involved include online marketing, print media, visual electronic media and exhibition in similar events. Event Information The L’ Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) is an annual weeklong event that is held to celebrate fashion, design, business and creative endeavor in Australia (Huntington 2010). The occasion has been held yearly since 1996 and is organized by The Melbourne Fashion Festival. It is aimed at promoting the Australian fashion business, encourage sales, and portray Melbourne as a hub of design brilliance.

The one-time event brings the designers together, consumers and retailers from all over Australia, in order to keep the fashion industry of the country clearly portrayed on the world map. Since its inception, the event has become the most prestigious Australia’ s consumer fashion event offering a wide variety of activities that promote fashion, creative arts, social interaction, and commercial ideas. Internal Analysis The event has several internal factors that serve to its advantage. The biggest of all these is the leading publicity that the event receives from people, not only in Australia but from the whole world.

The event receives visitors from a big number of countries, who are keen to catch up with the latest fashion trends and designs in Melbourne and the whole of Australia. Additionally, the event has been occasionally by the top models and players in the fashion industry, further serving to promote its brand name to what it is today. Based in Melbourne and with exhibitors from all over Australia, the L’ Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival has had the immense advantage of having a wide range of resources to draw from.

Australia is a vast country with a wide variety of cultures, talents, and skills that are showcased in this event. This gives it a wide pool of resources to draw from a variety of sources. As one of the biggest city in a country with quite a substantial number of tourists all year round, Melbourne gives this event the status that it deserves, helping to propel it into publicity. In addition to that, the events boast of a wide range of different types of exhibitions and other smaller events that take place throughout the seven days that the event runs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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