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The paper “ Marketing Plan That Can Be Used by Parmalat Australia to Increase Its Competitive Advantage in the Market” is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. Parmalat Australia is a multinational dairy company that specializes in the production and marketing of dairy products. Parmalat was founded in 1961 and has over the years experienced tremendous growth and success through the acquisition of brands, product innovation and the use of innovative marketing techniques. To date, the company is one of the major producers of pasteurized milk, yogurt, fruit drinks, desserts, butter, creams, custard and ice cream in Australia.

Most of the company’ s products are marketed under brand names such as; Pauls Milk, Trim, Skinny Milk, Vaalia, Breaka, and Ice Break. Nevertheless, due to the competitive nature of the Australian market and the global market in general, the company is faced with numerous challenges. In order to enhance its competitive edge in the market, the company employs a marketing plan that focuses on market developments and the needs of consumers (Parmalat, 2012; Parmalat, 2012b). This paper seeks to depict a suitable marketing plan that can be used by Parmalat Australia in order to enhance its competitive edge in the market.

Foremost, it will examine four marketing approaches and marketing strategies that the company can use to promote its products in the market. Secondly, this paper will describe the benefits and limitations of different marketing approaches and mixes. Lastly, this paper will examine different legislation, codes of practice and national code and illustrate how they apply to the company’ s marketing plan. 1.0 Marketing OptionsOption 1: Business to business marketingBusiness to business marketing (B2B) is a marketing approach whereby a business markets its service or goods to other businesses.

This marketing approach mainly targets companies, institutions, and organizations. Using this approach, Parmalat Australia will focus on selling its dairy products to other businesses. For instance, the company could focus on selling its products to bakeries and food processing plants that use dairy products to manufacture or process their products. Due to the nature of the business to business markets, this approach to marketing requires that companies should focus on developing long-term customer loyalty (Barchel, 2007; Hutt & Speh, 2012). Option 2: Relationship MarketingA relationship is a marketing approach that mainly focuses on enhancing customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention rather than the short-term sale of products.

This approach to marketing recognizes the long term value of customer relationships with a business thus it emphasizes attracting, sustaining and enhancing customer relationships. Using this approach to marketing will require Parmalat Australia to focus on understanding the needs of consumers and subsequently use different communication channels to engage and interact with customers in mutually beneficial exchange (Brink & Berndt, 2009). Option 3: Digital MarketingDigital marketing is a form of marketing that centers on the use of digital electronic media channels such as computers, cellular phones, smartphones and tablets among many other digital electronic media to promote products to consumers.

This approach to marketing capitalizes on the use of applications in digital devices such as apps, internet, mobile interactive channels, social networks, email and websites to communicate to potential customers. Using digital media platforms Parmalat can promote its products, target consumers, communicate with consumers and identify the specific needs of consumers (Pride & Ferrell, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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