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The paper "Healthy Food Cafe Marketing Strategies for Gino Nutriona" is a good example of a business case study.   Cafe chains in Australia increased by 5.2% in the year 2013, however, independent cafes are on the decline due to rising operational costs and increased competition from cafe chains (Foodservice Australia, 2014). Between 2010 and 2013, the foodservice industry in Australia has been struggling with low demand for food and beverages particularly due to an economic slowdown. Restaurants that have kept costs down and simplified their menus have benefited from the situation (EuroMonitor International, 2014).

In 2013, the number of foodservice outlets in Australia reduced by 1% (IBIS World, 2014). Economic hardships and health awareness are the main reasons Australians prefer to eat at home (EuroMonitor International, 2014). Homemade food is cheaper and healthier. There is a growing demand for healthy foods in the Australian cafe industry. This is partly attributable to changing consumer preferences for healthier diets (IBIS World, 2014). The ACT government is currently running the ‘ Towards Zero Growth healthy weight initiative’ . This action plan is intended to convince Australians to cut on the consumption of unhealthy foods in order to reduce obesity rates (ACT Governement, 2014). According to a report by IBIS World, the Australian cafes and coffee shop industry is expected to generate a total annualised revenue of $4.3 billion by 2015.

Revenue in the fast-food industry is forecasted to grow at an annualized rate of 0.7% through to 2015 (Foodservice Australia, 2014).     Uncontrollable environment Political The commonwealth government of Australia is a stable democracy founded on the rule of law and constitutional order. The regional governments work closely with the commonwealth government to provide a peaceful and stable environment for business and development.

Businesses in the cafe and restaurant industry cannot be negatively affected by political instability or lack of political goodwill to protect the hospitality sector. The commonwealth government in partnership with the regional government helps to promote the Australian tourism and hospitality sector to boost revenue generation (Australian Government: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2014). Economic General economic slowdown and uncertainty in Australia have considerably reduced demand for food and beverages in the foodservice industry (Westcott, 2014). According to the Euromonitor report 2014, on the Australian foodservice industry, there was an increased frequency of people eating.

However, consumers chose more-convenient and less-expensive meals (EuroMonitor International, 2014). This trend is set to continue until economic uncertainty and general performance of the Australian economy improves. Social Society in Australia and other developed countries are rapidly responding to lifestyle diseases through changes in eating, living and physical exercise habits. More people now prefer healthier food and drinks alternatives over salty, sugary and high-calorie foods (Westcott, 2014). The ACT government is leading a campaign on healthy food consumption to spread awareness on the contribution of unhealthy diets to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes (ACT Governement, 2014). Technological The foodservice industry not very much exposed to technological changes due to near-constant nature of products and services in the sector.

Technological changes in areas such as digital marketing and promotion may be the only factors to consider for Gino’ s business. Competition profile There are a number of healthy food and vegetarians restaurants in Canberra. At 12 Beltana Road, Pialligo is pod food restaurant located just a few minutes from the Canberra International Airport.

Pod food serves gluten, dairy, grain and refined sugar-free foods and drinks to their clients. V-spot cafe located in Canberra central is a vegetarian cafe that serves healthy vegetable-rich foods to their clients. Marple+Clove Restaurant is another healthy food business located just next to the Parliament House in Canberra. Marple + Clove serves a range of healthy foods including kale, chia Seeds, grass-fed beef and biodynamic wines and beer. Marple + Clove Restaurant are dedicated to serving whole foods such as high-fibre grains and egg alternatives in breakfast and lunch meals.

Local press Wholefoods cafe is a new healthy foods business located on the Kingston Foreshore. LocalPress has its menu mostly composed of fruit and vegetable salads and traditional coffee drinks (News, 2014). Pod Food, V-spot, Marple+Clove, and Local Press are part of the healthy foods cafes that can provide direct competition to Gino’ s Healthy food cafe in Canberra.


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