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The paper "Marketing Problem That Body Shop Is Facing in Marketing Its Product" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing.   Research is an important tool in marketing. It helps in identifying a problem and solving it through the application of research techniques. This study is dedicated to establishing the marketing problem that Body Shop is facing in marketing its product, the Spa Wisdom Africa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm. Data will be collected through interviews among a sample of 35 people in Melbourne. Qualitative analysis will be used which will entail induction. Company Background The body shop is a UK based international producer, marketer, and distributor of a wide range of cosmetic products and gifts.

Among the firm’ s products are a wide range of skincare products, fragrances, hair care, bath, and body, makeup, and gifts. The firm was founded by entrepreneur Dame Anita Roddick in Brighton England in 1976. By 1978, the store started expanding into foreign markets in Belgium being the first. In July 1983, Australia had its first Body Shop outlet in Melbourne. The expansion of Australia continued with more outlets opened up countrywide.

The company has been operating in many countries as a franchise describing itself as “ an activist organization” (Rendtorff 2009, 109; The Body Shop 2012). This has expanded the company’ s reach and has been in talks in venturing into the lucrative Chinese market (Rendtorff 2009). In 2006, the firm was acquired by the giant cosmetic firm, L’ Oreal Group. Over the years, the firm has won numerous awards in product excellence and CSR. The firm has also run numerous successful campaigns dealing with social matters ranging from animal welfare to safe/humane cosmetics.

Through the years, the company’ s CSR and acquisition by L’ Oreal Group has been questioned on various grounds. One of the issues raised was that L’ Oreal Group was still using animals for testing some of its products, a practice that contravenes The Body Shop’ s ethical ideals. Nonetheless, the firm has emerged victorious and continues to supply the market with safe and ethically manufactured products. Since its inception, the firm has been used as an example of good consumer relationship marketing and as a good corporate citizen embarking on effective and efficient corporate social responsibility.

The Founder, Dame Anita Roddick, has constantly indicated that The Body Shop is “ committed to establishing non-exploitative trading relationships with indigenous people" and that the Body Shop “ is driven by values rather than profits” (Body Shop 2012) Product profile Spa Wisdom Africa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm is one of the many skincare products that Body Shop produces, markets and distributes in all its markets. As per company tradition, the brand is marketed as a natural product with a strong emphasis on the history of the ingredients and the CSR role that the firm plays in associating with its suppliers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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