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The paper "Contextualization and Value in Context" is a perfect example of marketing coursework.   Contextual framing, in this case, is the act of putting an aspect from a certain point of view. Contextual frames are most probably built up during actual-world experiences whereby certain scenarios are knowledgeable and then influence individuals to perceive and predict certain aspects. On the other hand, Value co-creation has been conceptualized as the value in a context whereby the emphasis of this market strategy is based on the ongoing realization of joint firm-consumer value. In this case, context is a set of factors that are unique with mutual links among themselves.

Service provision is the act of undertaking a certain business task that requires compensation in return that is acceptable. Qualified staff in a business that specializes in service provision is a key factor to consider in order to ensure they are available to undertake the services that are required by its customers. Contextualization is the process of putting an idea or issue within its large setting where it is able to get its true meaning. The aim of this paper is to have a critical analysis of the provision of services and more so in the marketing value co-creation.

The contextualization aspect in this case would be to oscillate ideas from an individual actor at the market micro, and macro level, in order to give the scaleable influence of the context a real meaning. In other words, the aim is to show how the micro and macro market levels influence each other. The whole issue will be to conceptualize these markets in instantaneous and continuous connections that are under the boundary of one of these context levels. According to a number of scholars in the marketing field, studying marketing and the implications contained therein is an exchange concern.

The aim of the exchange is accessing resources, however, scholars, in this case, have disagreed upon the role that exchange plays in the value co-creation. This brings in the point of placing the whole issue in its contextual framework by critically reviewing the critical values in the whole issue. The orientation process, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on the joint efforts different actors put through the exchange process in a certain context.

The process of exploring the role held by the context in framing exchange is a very important area to focus on. The way actors come together in exchange within a definite context aiming to explore the role played by context in exchange framing is also important in this analysis. In regard to these conceptualizations, making salient the context manipulation is comparatively isomorphic.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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