Essays on Exporting Event Cinemas to South Africa Case Study

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The paper "Exporting Event Cinemas to South Africa" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Event Cinemas will be classified under clustered category on the basis of customer preferences. This is because it will define its target audience clearly from the entire masses. It will target the premium movie-goers and on an age-related scheme which follows U, PG, 12, 15 and 18, as the certification categories of film: By Age- Teens and young adults By Genre- Comedy, adventure, action, thriller, drama, romantic comedy and musical By Movie Rating- PG-13 and PG movies 3.1.2 Segment Size of each (approx. ’ ) South Africa has about 30 million moviegoers The segmented market is as follows: Segment Size by Genre Segment Size by Age Movie Rating- PG-13 and PG movies 3.1.3 Segment Buyer Criteria / Hierarchy of each (assessed or researched) Demographics Event Cinemas will target movie-goers who live in urban areas (69%), both male (45%) and female (55%).

The target market will be the middle-class and the upper class earning over 55K. 85% are aged between 5 and 49. Operating variables The moviegoers of Event Cinemas are individuals who can be termed as ‘ experiencers’ , have high resources and seek entertainment and variety.

They spend averagely high promotion of their income on socializing, entertainment and fashion. They have the following tendencies: Seek entertainment outside their homes Participate in active lifestyles such as sports Heavy internet users and hard to reach through traditional media Receptive to movie thereafter advertising as part of their experience Purchasing approaches Event Cinemas will target those who go for a movie at least one or more times a month. They buy also buy tickets in bulk for family and friends and enjoy good beverages, food and variety of movies Situational factors Event Cinema will also cater to customers who urgently need to purchase movie tickets or want it “ express” , and willing to pay an extra amount of money. Personal characteristics. Event Cinemas will target decision-makers as they are the ones with purchasing power and who actually pay for the movies. 3.1.4 Key Segment Trends/forecasts The middle-class people will have supreme economic power- Income of households per month range from R3, 800-R13, 700.

The upper end of the middle class with have high levels of education, they seek value and are more than ever spending on shopping. The target market will be more informed on the latest movie blockbusters and best cinema operators- Customers will only ‘ Google’ to find information in depth and seek opinions from a wide range of brand detractors and brand advocates. Consumers will want apps that save effort and time - Recently about 17% of people with smartphones have downloaded an App, with most popular ones being entertainment related.

Those who have noticed mobile advertising on search engines are about 84%. Those that took an action after seeing an ad on mobile are almost 70%. When shopping about 28% use smartphone to compare product information and prices.

25% do physical shopping using their smartphones. In the past month, about 47% have shopped directly using a smartphone. Consumers will seek more value for their money. Consumers will actively be involved in shaping brands-They will be seeking brands that are well known and disloyal to one brand. As different segments make decisions, a critical role will be played in those decisions and as drivers of engagement will be the influencers.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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