Essays on Internal Analysis and Current Strategy of Sony Case Study

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The paper “ Internal Analysis and Current Strategy of Sony" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Sony has been able to develop its business by ensuring quality and delivering on the promises. The company has grown and by using the market share, proper service and quality products have been able to grow. Sony has relied on its internal strengths and ensures an efficient workforce which has been their core competency in developing a business model to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Sony has looked towards identifying its internal strength which is a strong brand name and the ability to provide customers with products that have high resolutions and ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

This has helped Sony to identify its internal strengths and competencies. This has helped Sony to ensure that its current strategy has been crafted based on it. The company by being able to look into different areas of its core strengths has identified the strategy that will help to achieve its objectives. Sony looks towards implementing both short and long term strategy which is aimed at improving its brand image. Sony has looked towards developing its internal strategy by developing loyalty programs, provide discounts, use different modes of advertisement, ensure efficient salesmen, and a quick delivery process.

This has helped build the required structure and helped to differentiate themselves from the others by ensuring that they provide special features and attractiveness in their product. Sony has understood its capabilities to the fullest extent and has designed a strategy where they look towards incorporating products both low-end customers as well. This will help Sony to be able to work on the niche market and craft products that fit well with the customers. Sony looks towards capitalizing on the opportunities that exist in the market by 1).

Improving their market share by looking towards improving their brand image 2). Looking towards improved marketing strategies so that it allows flexibility and utilizes the ability of the business towards the development of the business.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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