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The paper "Mobile Marketing of Samsung" is a good example of a case study on marketing. The mobile technology industry has become very competitive due to emerging new technologies, which have introduced mobile phones, which are more than just communication tools. Today’ s mobile phones are more of a PC since one can receive and send emails as well as visit other websites in search of information. These phones also serve as entertainment gadgets where users store music and videos as well as use other entertainment applications such as games.

In addition, these phones have become important business tools with many firms preferring to use such gadgets as Samsung, BlackBerry and Apple smartphones to do important business transactions such as emailing and online marketing. Due to this increased competition in the mobile industry, the marketing departments of mobile brands have been pressured to become aggressive in their marketing strategies to attract and maintain customers. Samsung Electronics has identified several marketing strategies such as adopting green technologies, being socially responsible as well as product diversification. It is also worth noting that since its entry in the UK market in 1984, Samsung Electronics has become a popular and well-respected brand due to the use of effective promotional strategies. Samsung’ s macro and competitive environment The mobile phone industry has become very competitive since the introduction of the smartphone.

The key players in the smartphone arena include Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, and Nokia. Each of these mobile phone brands has been designed with technologically advanced features to have a competitive advantage over the rivals and also attract and maintain customers. Therefore, creativity and innovativeness are two important aspects that are employed in the smartphone industry. Technological environment According to Brassington & Pettitt (2003), as discussed in Ijaz (n. d), the technological environment creates opportunities to come up with new products.

Technology is the driving force behind the creation of smartphones where each brand is striving on producing a more technologically advanced smartphone than that of its rivals. As mentioned before, mobile phones have recently become important business tools that are used in business communication such as sending and receiving emails. All smartphones are internet-enabled and hence are used by businesses to transact online activities such as advertising, purchasing as well as communication in general.

For populations that are interested in social media as well as entertainment, smartphones also offer that option whereby there are diverse choices of applications available for users. Firstly, the design of smartphones has a great influence on the demand for the phone by consumers. For example, Samsung’ s Galaxy S2 has a very slim body measuring 8.49mm giving it a competitive advantage over the other smartphones such as Apple’ s iPhone and BlackBerry’ s Storm (Westaway 2011).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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