Essays on Marketing of Ferrero China Case Study

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The paper 'Marketing of Ferrero China " is a good example of a marketing case study. Ferrero’ s SWOT presents a good sketch of its position in the marketplace. In just 6 years in China, Ferrero has built an impressive reputation getting a 12% market share. China's marketing environment for Ferrero represents overwhelming opportunities. Ferrero can use its core competencies for achieving competitive advantage as competitors may not provide similar value to consumers as Ferrero does. Already, Ferrero has developed significant competencies. It offers high-quality and branded products with an image recognizable in the market by most consumers. Its products are expensive making them accessible luxury in the Chinese market which is often obsessed with ranking (Durvasula & Lysonski 2010).

In China, the product which is perceived as best, like Ferrero Rocher, has a high likelihood of being coveted. The availability of Ferrero products at every corner shop will also promote its reputation among retailers that it is a reliable manufacturer. That means, by delivering the products requested on schedule, retailers will perceive it as reliable and demand its products. The firm has already developed brand-loyal consumers while its sound financial background and management set it in a good position to grow further.

While Ferrero expensive brands might be seen as a weakness in other markets, it is different in China as the culture there promotes brands that are recognizable and that carry a high status. Ferrero should use an excellent promotional strategy and develop creative slogans when communicating with its customers or in its adverts. Information about Ferrero should be availed through traditional media, direct marketing campaigns and other efforts that differentiate its products from those of its competitors.

When Ferrero products were introduced in Hong Kong, an advertising agency wisely introduced them as ‘ gold sand’ . Such names and slogans are auspicious more so for gifting around holidays and Chinese New Year.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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