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The paper “ Strategic Marketing Plan for McDonald’ s Australia Holdings Ltd” is a persuasive example of a Case Study on marketing. McDonald’ s Australia Holdings, a company specializing in Food and Beverage services, was established in 1969 and it’ s situated in Thornleigh, New South Wales, Australia. The company has been concentrating on the local Australian market with the aim of establishing and operating family restaurants that meet the demands of high, as well as low-income earners. However, McDonald’ s Australia Holdings Ltd has intentions of expanding the business to other cities across Australia before venturing into Europe, Africa, and US markets.

The company intends to implement the set objective by setting a market niche and positioning for the Food and Beverage services in the market. This report provides a strategic marketing plan for McDonald’ s Australia Holdings Ltd that includes the SWOT analysis, target market, customer value proposition, marketing segmentation, marketing mix variables among others. 1.0 Introduction and background of the companyOne of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia is the food and beverage sector. The food and beverage sector, in Australia, is dominated by giant corporations with established brand names.

This has forced the growing businesses to embark on value-adding in order to gain a greater market share. Today, food and beverage enterprises in Australia play a prominent role in enhancing the Australian economy. The food and beverage firms form the seedbed for the Australian economy because they provide employment opportunities to a large mass of people. That notwithstanding, the food and beverage industry in Australia is faced with numerous challenges, which hinder the realization of its full potential. One of the main challenges is the import invasion by international firms. McDonald’ s Australia Holdings Ltd has for long dominated the food and beverage market in Australia.

McDonald’ s Australia Holdings is committed to quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness as far as food and beverage services are concerned. McDonald’ s Australia Holdings has recorded continuous growth in sales and profits between 2000 and 2012. In 2012, the business created a total income of 1,599,990,000 USD. 2.0 McDonald’ s Australia Holdings SWOT Table Strengths -The strong brand image of the company -Management strength -Stores expansion Weaknesses -Intense competition Opportunities -Increase in population -Market Expansion   Threats -Inferior commodity - Heavy advertisements by the competitors 3.0 McDonald’ s Australia Holdings SWOT Analysis 3.1 StrengthsThe strengths involve the aspects of an enterprise that provides it with an advantage as compared to the other firms in the entire industry (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2010).

The following are the greatest strengths for McDonald’ s Australia Holdings; The senior leadership team at McDonald’ s Australia Holdings has built a strong organization by setting out a clear vision. The CEO, Catriona Noble, strongly believes in maximizing on the McDonald’ s Australia Holdings strength and improving on the company’ s shortfalls. In addition, Catriona Noble values the dynamism, professionalism, enthusiasm, work ethic, time management, and control among others.

These values have made McDonald’ s Australia Holdings be one of the best Food and Beverage outlet in Australia. Furthermore, the management team at McDonald’ s Australia Holdings has identified appropriate retailing sites and/or locations. McDonald’ s Australia Holdings retail shops are located in most populous states, in Australia such as Adelaide, Collingwood, Ascot WA and Brisbane, Adelaide. The good location has made it possible for the company to make huge sales over the years (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2010).    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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