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The paper "Nestles Maggi Marketing" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Presently, Nestle is a global leading food company, and given that it was instituted by Henri Nestle to manufacture food products for children, it has been allied with offering first-class, client and customer products (Nestlé , 2014). Recently, Nestle has concentrated on developing into health, nutrition, as well as wellness corporation. Wellness according to Parekh (2014) is concerned with helping individuals to live a life that is healthier, for example, through the manufacture of probiotic yogurts, which assist in maintaining the stability of the digestive system.

Besides that, Nestle is a global leader in research and development (R& D), and the company’ s scientists work hard to generate improved and healthier foods. Maggi is a crucial product for Nestle, and undoubtedly it is an international brand that is extensively acknowledged as food services and consumer brand. Owing to the industrial revolution, Julius Maggi was requested by the Swiss Public Welfare Society to make a food product that can be prepared hastily, and also that can be digested easily (Nestlé , 2014). In 1863, a formula for adding flavour to meals was developed, and afterward, it heralded for Maggi as well as other food products that are easy to make.

Nowadays, Maggi is famous in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, India, and more other countries, and is also penetrating new markets like the UK. SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness It possesses enormous brand loyalty. It is the noodles market leader and almost everybody prefers Maggi as noodles. It has generated an enormous distribution channel network for thousands of distributors, traders and so forth. Thus, making it accessible to all and sundry. Ground-breaking brands for global taste buds like Maggi, chicken Maggi, Maggi masala, and tomato flavour which has assisted the product to seize additional market as consumers require variety. The marketing plan for Maggi was unique since its tagline itself was extremely successful and caught the mind of the consumer. Generic Brand to global Noodles Constraints such as low market presence in the rural areas Uniform Brand for all categories of food Brand Proliferation Product are reliant on one another Extremely reliant on one flavour Health associated setbacks        


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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