Essays on Woolworths Company - Environmental, Customer and SWOT Analysis, Goals and Objectives Report

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The paper “ Woolworths Company - Environmental, Customer and SWOT Analysis, Goals and Objectives” is an apposite example of report on marketing. The report offers a strategic review of the Woolworths Company. The organization is an Australian based retail industry supplying diverse brands both in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The organization is at the verge of adopting the increased global markets presented opportunities in the retail market both offline and online platforms. In this case, the report seeks to establish a strategic alternative through which the organization can increase its strategic industry competitiveness.

The report offers a review on the Australian retail industry through a PEST in which it establishes that the market has increased market success rate due to favourable political and economic factors. However, technology change and social, cultural changes present industry challenges. Moreover, the report develops a SWOT analysis both internal and external which reveals that, despite organizational strengths in customer service quality and market expansion opportunity, it faces increased weaknesses in its reduced store's presence as well as the changing market buying behaviours. In addition, the report reviews the organizational customer, competitors, target market and organizational goals and objectives.

Finally, the report offers recommendations on the ideal marketing mix approaches based on the established organizational findings. 2.0 Vision and MissionWoolworths Company mission statement is to provide increased variety offering its customer base an increased products variety. On the other hand, the organization has a vision statement that seeks to offer value for money through increased services quality. These strategies enhance increased organizational performance and success (“ Woolworths Limited” , 2014). 3.0 Environmental Analysis-PEST Analysis3.1 Political AnalysisA major political influence for Woolworth Company in the market is the development of trade relations between Australia and New Zealand.

In this regard, the trade agreement allows for free trade conduction between the two organizational economies. As a result, the organization faces increased market access. Australia and New Zealand entered into a trade agreement under the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (ANZCERTA). In this case, the market provided for the development of free trade between the two economies. As such, the agreement provided for the harmonization of trade policies and regulations allowing for increased organizational seamless functioning that is paramount to enhancing efficiency and increased market profitability.

Therefore, the trade agreement provided a conducive political environment in which Woolworth’ s organization could increase its profitability levels in the industry (Rumley, 2001, p. 254). 3.2 Economic AnalysisThe economic standards in both the Australian and New Zealand economies are favourable for the establishment and development of economic structures through which organizational performance is enhanced through increased sales and subsequent revenues increase. A stable economic condition provides for two important organizational performances. On one hand, a stable improving economy increases the overall disposable income available in the economy.

In this case, the market has increased disposable income. As such, the economy and the customer base are willing and able to pay high prices for availed quality products. As such, organizations in these markets, can increase and raise the products selling prices. As such, this serves as a profitability enhancement tool. On the other hand, increased disposable income in the economy increases the overall spending rate allowing for increased sales. A report developed by the International monetary fund for overall global gross domestic products (GDP) across the globe established that the Australian and New Zealand economies were increasingly developing.

As such, the report recorded that the Australian GDP ranking rose to a global tenth position while the New Zealand one rose to the twenty-third positions globally. Consequently, this analysis is an indicator that the two economies are ideal for increased business ventures. As such, Woolworth’ s organization faces a conducive marketing opportunity allowing for increased business expansion through increased sales as well as the profitability margins. Therefore, this presents a strategic expansion opportunity for the organization (GlobalData, 2011).


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