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The paper "Nestle South Africa - Marketing" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Founded in 1866 as a gesture of benevolence and innovation by Henri Nestle, the Nestle conglomerate has grown to become a world-renowned food and beverage company. Some of the products from Nestle include ice cream, baby food, snacks, and breakfast cereals. The Nestle company corporate headquarters reside in Switzerland. Additionally, Nestle holds numerous sub-branches all over the globe, hence giving the company a multinational status. The company works with a strong policy of providing the world with the best food for a good life hence providing a wide array of products in the market.

Additionally, Nestlé ’ s success relies on the effective use of quality research and development. Therefore, this report aims at analyzing the market compatibility factors presented by Nestle as a global company (McGinnis, 2006). Introduction and Background One of Nestlé ’ s prosperous branches is in South Africa. The country holds a number of Nestle companies that are responsible for products such as Nestea Ice tea, mineral drinking water brands, and they all so popular Maggi products.

Nestle South Africa represents one of the Nestle brands. The South African branch came into being during the Second World War in the 1870s. Nestle South Africa contributes to the twenty-eight percent revenue generated from Africa and Asia. The South African economy incorporates a large number of investor companies hence the country best serves the Nestle conglomerate (Dubin, 2006). The current markets in South Africa relating to the confectionery industry are inclusive of Cadbury, Kraft foods, Ola, and Hershey Foods, amongst other companies. The product lines of Nestle South Africa consist of a number of products that exist in a worldwide forum.

For instance, Nesquick, Nescafe, Milo cereals, and Cerelac are some of the firm’ s product lines. Market Description Nestle South Africa’ s prime target market relates to the consumer's health and food needs. The consumers targeted range from infants to adults hence the wide array of products, most likely a family setup. The idyllic nestle consumer refers to individuals who value nutrition and a good life for the long run. Additionally, Nestle also caters to pet nutritional needs (McGinnis, 2006).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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