Essays on The Current Market Trends for Joe's Products and Its Market Share Research Paper

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The paper “ The Current Market Trends for Joe’ s Products and Its Market Share" is a worthy variant of a research paper on marketing. This is a questionnaire prepared by Joe’ s Wraps and Subs enterprise in the endeavor to gaining an understanding of its market base and development possibility for enhanced better service delivery to its customers. It is therefore important that you consider being as genuine as possible to ensure that the decisions that shall be taken therefrom shall duly work to serve the customer better. Your utmost good faith shall really underscore the need for this survey. How do you find the wraps utilized by Joe’ s? Very attractive Reliably attractive Averagely attractive Not attractive Why?

(Briefly support your choice) How unique do you find Joe’ s sandwiches? Very unique Reliably unique Averagely unique Not unique Why? (Briefly support your choice) Would you say that Joe’ s is competitive enough in its market? Yes No Why? (Briefly support your choice) In your own words, how widespread do you think Joe’ s products are in this city? In your own words, how would you explain the prevalence of Joe’ s products? What are some of the steps you deem fit to be taken in enhancing the relevance of Joe’ s as an enterprise? Task 2: Recommendations For this firm to advance in reaching its market, it is necessary for the firm to consider carrying out a telephone survey on the adequacy of the products offered.

Such a survey would only be the required step in the quest for a comprehension of the behavior and preference of the customers. To enhance this, the necessary steps and actions need to be taken. Some of the measures to be adopted so as to demystify the customer as a key player in the firm’ s progress include the under-explained.

Firstly, the firm should consider determining the rate at which the products are used. This could be done by publicly enquiring about the usage spree. This is very key and strategic in establishing how dominant the products are in the market so as to know where to direct its resources. With the right utilization of the available resources then the results thereof shall be sufficiently worthwhile. This not only propagates a better understanding of product utilization but also enhances the adoption of required action to dominate the market with the product. Secondly, it is necessary that the firm considers offering rewards for its most loyal customers.

This could come in the form of subsidies in the pricing as well as supply. This not only improves on the customer base but also improves on the spread of the products. The firm shall also be in a position to make stride into the all capitalistic and competitive market by defining its own niche in this very market. Thus, the results will be holistically directed towards making the firm improve its competitive edge in the market.

With a good competitive edge, then the returns shall definitely raise to definitive modes of operation and greater levels of business. Thirdly, the establishment of the five units should be considered. This is to ensure that if the survey’ s outcome is positive and encouraging, then it could be established without further ado. This, in addition to making the firm relevant, also improves on the market grip that the firm shall have. A diversified market ensures that the risk is well managed as well as a curb.

Nothing is put to chance especially with the highly prevalent risky market modes of operation. The five units shall steer the corporation into a well risk-versed firm with outright prospects of business growth coupled with profitability and market leadership all as weapons of relevance in the very market that it belongs to. This move, therefore, leads to a firm with a competently notable command of the market base and thus, with a very large customer prominence. This only confirms the highly sought after competitiveness by any firm.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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