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Marketing ResearchPresented is a sample of telephone survey meant for use in Joes’ Wraps and Subs survey, premeditated by use of computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) system. The system enhances pronged questioning which are listed herein below (Trullinger Associates 1995). In a commonality of situation, telephone survey like this one takes an estimated 10 minutes of time: 1. INTRODUCTION. Hello, Ms/Mr ________, this is ________ from Excel Research, Inc. calling as requested by Joe’s shop. I have been instructed to contact you to source information regarding how Joe’s shop could make an improvement on its products and services at the shop.

The survey is only going to take just a few minutes. Once you acknowledgment our request, we are going to record your personal details in cassettes besides sending you an Executive Summary of the findings of the survey with regards to the trends in the widget industry Joe’s shopIF YES: OK, we would start without further delays. I request that you make your answers to the questions I will ask as to be brief. Go to Number 1IF IT’S NO: What time is convenient for you to allow me call back?

(Write down the date and time of the callback, thank and conclude the call)2. QUESTIONS. I’ll commence with common questions. Then ask you what are your values which make you select sandwich shops in entirety, not just sandwiches but those made with a tortilla rather than bread. While choosing a sandwich shop in general, may you inform me how imperative how the factors which will be introduced I am yet to list is to you by use of scale to measure the findings which will be 1-10, 1 will be representing NOT IMPORTANT while 10 would represent VERY IMPORTANT. Other factors which will be used in the interview will be REFUSED, NOT APPLICABLE (N/A), REFUSED & DON’T KNOW. □ If product or services are of high quality□ If prices are fair□ How fast customer service department solves the clients problems. □ Ease in the process of ordering□ If the products ordered are already in stock □ High quality after sale services, marketing and point-of-sale services □ Ease in process of orderingAfter that, I would ask you few questions regarding how regularly you buy meals at Joe’s shop.

When making orders at the shop. Which of this service do you use select only one□ Telephone calls□ E-mail□ Sales rep visit□ Other means□ Not Sure□ Decline □ N/A□ Order placed by someone else or Do not know how to place itNow, I’d wish to ask you information about Joe’s shop contacts by sales representatives. Will you fancy if they get in touch with you? Select only one□ Per Week□ After two weeks□ In a month□ Two months□ Not interested on contacts□ not sure□ Declined□ Would call if there it’s necessaryFor this question, may you get an assurance that your answer remains unidentified?

Besides Joe’s sandwich shop, please name other shop offering sandwiches made with tortilla rather than bread and has been an important source to you in the last year.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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