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The paper “ Perspectives of Zara Store in Melbourne" is a  dramatic version of a research paper on marketing. Marketing is a skill that is useful in the promotion and sale of goods or services. In this essay, we will look into the analysis of the Zara store in Melbourne. The analysis will look into the marketing strategies used by the store in attracting customers and customer preferences that make in the Melbourne area. Zara opened its store in Melbourne to tap into the eager and big market provided by the Melbourne population.

The launch of the Zara store in Melbourne was after the successful operation of the Sydney store. The Zara brand leverages its marketing strategy on the pricing of its products and its stores are located in developed countries. This essay is going to take research on the marketing strategy used by Zara in marketing its products with the focus being on the newly opened Melbourne store. Organizational BackgroundThe Zara brand is owned by Inditex of Spain, this brand sells high-quality imitation designs from high-end fashion products. Inditex developed the brand through imitating high-end designs and selling their products at low costs.

The Zara brand makes use of a model whereby the company does not spend on advertising but believes in opening new stores. The high cost of designer wear led to Inditex to develop the Zara brand to cater to a market segment that had long been ignored. Zara has been selling its products at a low cost to various market segments in different places in the world. Zara is a famous brand and the good performance in the Australian market led to the company opening a new store in Melbourne.

The new store in Melbourne will cater to low and medium-income earners with the focus being on young consumers (DeBonis, 2003). Zara brand caters to middle and low-income demographic citizens in the area of Melbourne. Marketing ContextZara has adopted several strategies to market its products through the use of its price regime. The price of goods sold by Zara makes the brand so famous among its customers in various places in the world. Zara sold its products based on the fact that consumers wanted a brand that sold quality goods at affordable prices and thus Zara developed several imitation products for sale.

The situation that led Zara to develop its own niche in the design and marketing of its products is the ignored market that was not catered by high fashion brands. As a result, Zara developed a brand that imitated the famous fashion brands such as Hennes & Mauritz (H& M). The prices offered by Zara are the main selling point for the Zara brand and this helps in improving the customer numbers in the store (Glynn, 2009).

The circumstance to be investigated is the factors that make the Zara brand to be popular among its customers. The big question is if Zara leverages its marketing strategy based on pricing, turnaround time or product offering. The process of understanding the marketing strategy used by Zara is to investigate the brand using their newly opened store in Melbourne as a sample in studying the store. The main marketing context is the strategies employed by Zara in attracting or promoting its brand in Australia (Schmidt, 2007).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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