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Essays on Marketing Research as an Integral Part of Management, Benefits to the Organization of the Qualitative and Quantitative Research Essay

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The paper “ Marketing Research as an Integral Part of Management, Benefits to the Organization of the Qualitative and Quantitative Research" is a spectacular example of an essay on marketing. Marketing research is an integral part of management and organizations look to use it as a method through which they are able to plan their future strategies. Conducting research helps companies to identify the different directions based on which their performance can be enhanced. The increase in the degree of competition has made it mandatory for all organizations whether big or small to carry out activities associated with marketing research.

Marketing research used by organizations is either qualitative or quantitative depending on the purpose for which the research is done. This paper looks towards evaluating the manner in which research helps organizations to improve their performance and shows the differences that exist between qualitative or quantitative research. This will help to understand the different types of research and also highlight which form of research is used in which situation. Before moving on it is imperative to understand marketing research. Marketing research is defined as the systematic and objective analysis of information related to the product so that the organization is able to take valuable decisions that will help to multiply the business objectives (Yoon & Jain, 2008).

Thus research looks towards including a lot of things and based on its looks towards evaluating the performance of the organization. Qualitative research is based on understanding human behavior and looks towards determining the underlying reasons for changes in human behavior (Luntz, 2010). Quantitative research looks towards examining the exploratory side where they look towards drawing important findings based on the statistical data which has been provided to them.

The different form of research focuses on different aspects and looks towards working out the manner in which organization performance gets influenced due to different factors. Research in the direction shows that qualitative research helps companies to turn their market intelligence as it focuses on understanding human behavior which thereby helps to understand the aspect which determines human changes (Wee, 2001). In comparison to it, quantitative research focuses on finding the final result based on the data which is provided and deals with the statistical aspect which thereby doesn’ t look towards understanding the manner in which the process is attained.

This has made organizations use both the method of research as quantitative research helps to arrive at the final figure which they look to achieved and after the final results are determined using the qualitative results the process is determined through which the organization will able to achieve the final goals (Wee, 2001). Similarly, a research conducted in the developing country like Nigeria highlighted that the manufacturing sector looks to use both the qualitative and quantitative research as both looks to stress on different factors which thereby ensures that the final goal which is achieved is better (Mustapha, Ku & Goh, 2009).

Since both types of researches focus on a different aspect and help the organization to be better prepared to deal with the different levels of requirements through research it ensures that overall efficiency is gained and will help to improve the chances of achieving the larger picture. Another study highlights that quantitative research when compared to qualitative research is losing relevance especially when it comes to focus groups as it helps to find the underlying human behavior and the ways it affects the outcome of any decision making (Frank, 2008).

This is primarily on the backdrop that the final figure can be achieved if the organization looks towards developing the process which will ensure that the goals are achieved. Focusing on qualitative research provides that scope through which the organization laid stress on the process which finally helps to accomplish the goals of the business.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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