Essays on Market Survey of Coles Supermarket Brand Assignment

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The paper "Market Survey of Coles Supermarket Brand" is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. Marketing research is frequently undertaken to obtain the latest trends and perspectives on customer tastes and preferences. The aim is this study is to obtain the consumers’ perceptions towards the Coles supermarket. It determines the satisfaction levels consumers feel with regards to products available at Coles Supermarket. Coles Supermarket has more than 741 stores in Australia. Coles was founded by George James in 1914, the first supermarket was opened in the Melbourne suburb  Balwyn North. Coles Supermarket offers a range of products from grocery, frozen food, cosmetics, stationery and cooking equipment.

It also runs 45 BI-LO Supermarkets and private labels. Coles Supermarket has a great interest in food retailing which was spurred by the acquisition of 265 Mathews Thomson grocery and 54 Connell Dickins grocery store. The stores were until 1991 called Coles New World but was changed to Coles in 1998. The major private brands are; Coles, Coles Smart Buy, Coles Finest, Coles Green Choice, Coles Organic, Coles Simply Less and Mix Clothing. This study intended to determine the consumer satisfaction level in order to increase the attractiveness of the brand, Coles Supermarket.

This is a market survey of the Coles Supermarket brand and basically focuses on the dis-likeness, consumer likeness, and purchasing behaviour. The research findings obtained will help Coles in improving its brand based on consumers’ needs. This way, the company can retain its customers, deliver excellent brand value, and increase the market share. The firm also seeks to target customers more effectively and pursue its marketing campaigns based on location as a way of serving loyal customers well.

The customers’ perspective in this study is essential in understanding the brand strengths, social and environmental policies of the firm. Reliability Analysis Reliability is the repeatability or consistency of measurement. An instrument or a scale in a way is taken as a more reliable if it provides similar measurements with the same subjects under similar conditions.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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