Essays on Perceptions of the Video across the 4 Psychographic Groups Assignment

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The paper 'Perceptions of the Video across the 4 Psychographic Groups" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   Market research is an essential aspect of every company. The market research ensures that the product gain desired publicity at the lowest cost as possible. In addition, it eliminates ineffective advertisement campaigns carried out by the company. The introduction of the warm wear by the company has made it necessary to determine the best strategy in advertising the new product line. The research was carried out within four psychographic groups who are potential customers to the product.

These groups are camping enthusiast, hiking specialist, indoor type and water sports warrior. The understanding of their needs will help the company in tailoring the advertisement to suit these groups. The advertisement is based on a video demonstrating a new line of product. Therefore, the study on the current content is evaluated in this market research which will be helpful in ensuring that the company re-tailors the content of the video in order to achieve the best results. The measure of the effect of the video in the market was measured using the statistical method on central tendency, Chi-square and regression models.

The use of the statistical models ensures that the data obtained is reliable and can be relied on by the researcher in coming up with sound conclusion and recommendation. The data is presented in tables and charts in order to ensure that users of the information can easily understand the research. The major objective of the research is to determine the effect of video clip in the publicity of the warm wear brand. The results will ensure that the company eliminates the faults, increase attention on positive aspects or maintain in order to ensure that the campaign achieves maximum publicity at a cost-effective level.

The company should ensure that it follows through the research and adopt the recommendation given to ensure that they improve its current marketing campaign. DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSES: The extent to which the device used differs across psychographic groups.   According to the findings, hiking specialist recorded a high number of users of all the devices since they are in need of warm clothing. This makes them always on the lookout on the best warm clothing in the market.

The order for the need for warm clothing reduces with the visits by the users in various categories to the site. Water sports warriors recorded the lowest since they only require a swimming costume which is readily available in the market. In addition, it can be noted that a high number of the users who accessed the site used mobile phones followed by computer and lastly, tablet. This is because people prefer to use phones because of their portability.

The second preferred device is computers because of the better display compared to tablets.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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