Essays on The Feasibility of the New Grocery Home Supply from Zip-mart Research Proposal

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The paper "The Feasibility of the New Grocery Home Supply from Zip-mart" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. Zip-mart has been in operation for about a year now, with the sole purpose of availing quality green supplies for middle-level income consumers in New York City. The company was founded on the view that the major grocery supply stores are charging way too high on their products, one of the main reasons they price their commodities very high is because of their operating expenses. The founders of Zip-mart saw an opportunity in sourcing for the grocery directly for themselves without involving any middlemen this way they would lower the buying price and reflect the same on the selling price furthermore they also strategized on lowering operational cost through measures such as the minimal staff numbers and the concept of just in time stocking to lower storage costs and losses in highly perishable goods. The core operating philosophy of Zip-mart is to lower expenses and have a competitive advantage in the sense of low pricing models as a result of minimized expenses.

Recently the proprietors of Zip-mart have come up with a new idea of supplying the grocery to their client's doorstep upon ordering. The customers may have a daily order that is consistent or communicate with the Zip-mart staff on the website or through cell-phone numbers. The idea is to lower the costs involved in renting space in the city and thus have a highly competitive pricing model to rival the major players in the sector. However, thorough research had to be carried out to assess the feasibility of this new product. 1.2 Objectives: The overall objective is determining the feasibility of the new grocery home supply from Zip-mart in terms of competition and target market response.

To achieve this objective we approached it in the form of the following set of sub-objectives: To identify the potential target market for the product. This objective will give a direction to the company on how they will price the product and what promotional & advertisement avenues should be used to reach the market. To identify the issues involved in entering a new market segment in the grocery business Determine the market preferences in terms of pricing, timing, and service associated with groceries. Study the attitude of the consumers to the idea of being directly supplied with groceries. Study the attitude of consumers to the current prices and services being offered by the key competitors. To measure brand and company attachment amongst customers and their flexibility in choice. To identify the key customer concerns and wishes in terms of grocery supplies. 1.3 The Research Plan: To achieve all the above-listed objectives, the research plan is designed in two parts; qualitative research and quantitative research. In these two parts, the emphasis will be on both primary and secondary data collection to facilitate credible analysis in line with the overall objective of the research.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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