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 Marketing Research for Healthcare Question one a) The best sampling methodology would be systematic random sampling method which relies on probability. In this case, a male aged 35-60 years will be selected for after a fixed number of patients have been recorded but not selected. The interval for selection can be after eight patients fitting the characteristics of the targeted group the 9th patient is being selected. b) The best method would be cluster sampling. Therefore, they would be two clusters (billing and admission), three to five patients from each cluster would be selected and response from them analyzed.

c) Simple random sampling method would work out, since the group is homogenous, and selection of physicians can just be even based on the convenience. Question two The target population is medical practitioners who have just graduated recently but, did not specialize to become pediatrics. Sampling frame will include at least two members from other forms of medical practitioners excluding pediatrics. This might include; Dentist, Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Optician etcetera The sample unit for the research would be medical practitioners because the research would involve doctors from various field. Question three a) The sampling method is non-probability one since the ten people were not selected they were just interviewed at their convenience. b) The sampling method is a stratified sampling method which is a probability one.

Groups in this case, are the different specialities and equal graduates from each speciality is selected to be included in the final sample size. c) The sampling method is systematic sampling method because there is an order of selecting an element to be included in the sample, for instance, the 15th patient is interviewed if the he was greeted by the receptionist.

Question four Marketing mix has to be inclusive of the famous 4Ps (promotion, product, price and place). Product (service): developed should cater the demand of this segment bearing in mind their tight schedule at work. They should be served as fast as possible Promotion; since they spend much time at work it is prudent for the promotion to be focussed on their workstation. For instances, posters can be placed on the notice boards where they work. Place; place to do the marketing definitely is at their workplace, because this is where they spend the entire day, not forgetting none of the spouse remains home.

Therefore, the chance of getting them home is minimal. Price: the price for the service or product should be pocket-friendly since even them are struggling to make ends meet. A markup can be added to the cost of production or offering service. Higher price will scare them away. Question five Three possible segmentation factor for the employees will be based on demographic, psychographics, and behavioural aspects. Demographic and marketing mix The services will have to be diversified to meet the demand from disparities involved in gender, age, religion, social class et. cetera.

All these factors have to be considered in developing the marketing mix using demographic. Psychographics and marketing mix Psychographics has to do with the employee’s personality, interests, values, attitude and opinions. These aspects need to be considered when developing marketing for those services provided by the program (Bethesda Hospital). Behavioural and marketing mix This has to do with price consciousness, and rate of service usage. The price of the service should be in favor those who regularly use it, as opposed to those use it once in a while.

Price is a factor while developing marketing mix, thus the management should take time and reason out on this segmentation for their service. References Berkowitz, E. (1996). Essentials of health care marketing. Gaithersburg, Md.: Aspen.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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