Essays on Satisfaction Level at Monash University Assignment

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The paper "Satisfaction Level at Monash University" is a good example of a marketing assignment. The Monash University students will be asked different questions with the aim of determining whether they are satisfied with the way the institution operates. Moreover, the students will present their views on different subjects, based on the departments and aspirations of the students. The method that will be utilised in a stratified method in which departmental information is obtained and final satisfaction level will be dependent on the views and conclusive approach in which this information is correlated to illustrate students’ satisfaction. Instruments An online survey will be utilised to collect information.

The online approach is appropriate because it is a cheaper and flexible manner in which information is collected. Moreover, the method is better compared to other instruments because human error is minimised and also other statistical software can be utilised in analysing the data. However, the researcher will place into consideration challenges associated with online surveys such as technical problems and inaccuracy. Sample Unit/Sampling Frame Only students at Monash University would be required to fill the online survey.

In addition, an option for past students (alumni) of the university will be requested to fill the online questionnaire. This approach will ensure the collection of information in determining whether past students were satisfied with the education and social contribution of the university. Sample Size The sample size is a portion of the entire population in which the study is carried on. The sample size varies depending on the departments and subject matter. The researcher aims to receive feedback from students at a rate of not less than 33% per department or per subject.

Moreover, measures will be in a place that addresses technical issues and challenges associated with an online survey. Therefore, utilising a stratified approach with the minimum number of participants will ensure the research addresses the research problem. Sampling Procedure The sampling procedure appropriate for this study is a probability sample since it will provide a means in which different statistical considerations are analysed. The approach allows revelation of confidence levels and allows for the measurement of sampling error. Analysing the data Statistical software will be used to analyse the collected information. Some factors to be analysed include tests of association, correlation factors, analysis of variance, t-tests and confidence level of the research.

These factors will be utilised to obtained informed information that aids in understanding better the satisfaction level of the students at the university and the possibility of relationships with different variables. Q2. Marketing research companies often conduct online surveys. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of conducting online surveys Numerous methods exist in which information can be collected from the sampled population. Different survey methods have different benefits and shortcomings.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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