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The paper "Factors Influencing Consumers' Intention to Purchase Clothing Online" is a perfect example of a Marketing Research Paper. With increasing globalization, information dissemination has been increased; the internet is the hub of information worldwide. The effect of the internet in the daily lives of every individual cannot be ignored (Breitenbuch, 2004). Many companies have since developed and improved their presence online because of the importance of internet presence in increasing the productivity of the company in terms of selling its products as well as its services (Sinha, 2012).

B-2-C or Business-to-consumer is particularly the central business aspect involved in the analysis of individual people’ s behavior online, this includes the sites they visit, surveys that they participate, the net hours spent online as well as the websites that these people visit online, this is the basic customer (Sinha, 2012 & Ranjit, 2005). According to Khosrow-Pour (2006, p. 846), research has shown the importance of customer behavior online which shows the possibility of these customers purchasing goods online. Understanding people’ s behavior online is thus important as it helps online businesses determine their customers and hence focuses on them.

This is because their behavior can be predicted As noted by Khosrow-Pour (2006, p. 846), some factors which help in predicting customer behavior online include; look for information about products, through emails, and working online at work frequently, read news online at home, number of hours (at home), number/ frequency of clicking online banners and general agreement that the internet increases productivity. As noted by Laudon & Traver 2001 quoted in Khosrow-Pour (2006, p. 846) these are the most important customer profile which essentially explains their behavior online.

Other important aspects include; the demographics of people accessing the internet, it is evident that some demographic groups based on income, age, lifestyle, and education have different internet usage (Rainie & Packel, 2001, quoted in Khosrow-Pour, 2006, p. 846). Traditional media forms such as TV are competing with the internet for the attention of the consumer. As noted by Kornum & Bjerre (2005) website visit by customers depend on a number of factors, such factors include; the appearance of the website (if it's appealing to the eye), the time it takes for the website to load, the color balance in the website, the use of keywords typed by the searcher in the search engine, information contained in the website and how the information contained in the website is current.

According to Khosrow-Pour (2006, p. 846), a survey conducted revealed that income, education, communication, accessibility, distributions, convenience, experiential as well as channel knowledge are positively related to online buying behavior (Ví ctor, 2006). Gender is also a factor in online purchasing behavior, most males is more likely to purchase online as compared to the female gender.

As noted by Fjermestad, Jerry & Romano (2006) an empirical study revealed that customer’ s lifestyle and income are positively related to buying behavior on the internet. Consumers who are more prices oriented or time-oriented and with relatively more disposable income tend to shop online frequently (Bluschke, 2011 & McQueen, & Christina, 2002). Methodology The data collected in the research process provided a fundamental framework in which the theoretical and conceptual framework was developed (Breitenbuch, 2004). The methodology adopted focused on the collection of a number of research samples, the design of the research questions thus focused on short and clear questions which enabled the process to be faster and more reliable (Earl, 2010).



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