Essays on Marketing research module 9 Research Paper

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Answer Only after one has analysed the data using the descriptive techniques like frequency distributions and cross tabulations, can one decide the tools for further analysis. This also saves time that would otherwise be spent on the wrong tools. Merits of using frequency distributions: Frequency distribution can have a number of uses. Frequency distribution can immediately tell you of the outliers present in the data. For further analysis, these outliers can be excluded. For example, suppose the real estate agency is studying perspective customers. The income of only one customer is above a certain level.

This customer can be excluded for further study. If he is considered for further study, we may get a higher mean and the average income level may appear higher than it actually is. Visual representations of frequency distribution are a good way to summarize data. For example, the frequency polygons can tell you if there are more values to the right of the peak or the left of the peak. Thus, for the above example, you can easily understand if more number of people earn above a certain level or below it.

Merits of using cross tabulations: Let us extend the above example. Now we have the data of income of people from two different localities. We have divided the income into three different brackets: 1.less than A 2.Between A and B 3.More than B (A

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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