Essays on Goals Performance and Future Prospects of Content Marketing Research Proposal

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The paper "Goals Performance and Future Prospects of Content Marketing" is a great example of a marketing research proposal.   Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing is beginning to take shape in the market where companies are striving to be known for the exact content they produce and not a few touchy brands that are furiously advertised through common media channels. It is a form of marketing where the company dwells on marketing the whole package of goods and services that they produce well. This is a different form of marketing compared to the commonly used traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing dwells with marketing only one product that makes the company famous for producing or providing it. However, there are also other services that are produced by the company that also needs to be marketed. The role of content marketing is to make sure that all other products and services produced by a specific company are at the same level as their top brand. In recent times, content marketing has grown its strength as a marketing utility for grown competitive companies. The power of advertisement is very significant to attracting more customers hence the growth of a specific company (Paajanen 5).

Content marketing does not only achieve an increase in customer numbers but also strategizes on how exactly to keep them (Lieb 5). With the current integration of technology in advertisement, content marketing is moving a step ahead with more prospects of future growth. This, therefore, prompts the aims of this particular research proposal in determining the future of content marketing. Through the tactic of content marketing, companies are able to make consumers like their content (Odden 51).

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing has not been in existence for very long. It has been introduced recently with greater expectations in the future for the companies that make use of this particular strategy. The expansion of social media provides more ground for content marketing to grow. It is therefore important to determine what exactly the promising future of content marketing looks like. Objectives of the study Main objective To determine the current trend of content marketing and its effect on quality production in Australia Specific objectives To determine the effect of social media advancement to the prosperity of content marketing To determine the strengths of content marketing compared to traditional marketing. To determine the limits of content marketing in attracting and retaining customers Research questions The research study aims to answer the following research questions What are the top goals set by Australian organizations when using content marketing? What decisive factors do organizations across Australia set to define the success of the content market? What adjustments should be made by enterprises to accommodate and provide a cool environment for the growth of content marketing? Do cultural differences in Australia affect the strategies applied by Australian enterprises for content marketing? Significance of the study From an academic point of view, this particular research study aims to use the current form of content marketing to determine its possible future.

Content advertisement is gaining more familiarity at a faster rate. Companies prefer it where they share more of their content to attract and retain customers. With more development predicted to happen in terms of content marketing, this particular research study aims to cover all necessary factors that can be exploited to achieve the stated objectives.

The literature of this particular research study covers relevant factors such as measuring the performance of content marketing in the market. The Australian market is showing a significant increase in the application of content marketing prompting the current study to determine its future prospects (Pulizzi117).

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