Essays on Variability of Gym Junkie Items in Instagram Involvement Assignment

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  The paper "Variability of Gym Junkie Items in Instagram Involvement " is a great example of a Marketing Assignment.   From Fig. 1 above, it is evident that most of the respondents use the mobile phone device 83(58.4%) to access the Instagram pages. This is followed by a distant number of respondents who use the computer 38(26.7%) to access GoGym Instagram pages. The majority of the New-to-health respondents 35(42%) use mobile phones to access Instagram pages while Social Posers 17(44.7%) predominantly use the computer to access the pages. Interestingly, the results of those who use mobile phones (n=83) are exceptionally high compared to the computer (n=38) and tablet (n=21) that it may affect the validity of results. The results show the dominance of mobile phones in accessing the information on social media.

Individuals who are new to certain products or services find the mobile phone to be convenient and effective in searching for the information they want. Furthermore, it gives them the confidence to try out new products or services. With the development of smartphones and the emergence of the internet, users can engage themselves productively through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

For example, the social posers can post videos, pictures and search information with ease. People with recent experience in the gym will always find the mobile and tablet easier to search for information. On the other hand, those seriously using the gym are not interested in using tablets and instead use computers and mobile phones more often. 3b) Comment on the extent to which the time of day in accessing the Instagram page differs across four age groups. Provide your interpretation of why this may be. Figure 2: Time of day the age groups access Instagram pages As shown in Fig.

2 above, respondents aged 18-35 years mostly access the Instagram pages at all times of the day; morning 35(68%), mid-morning (85.7%), afternoon 17(53%) and at night 22(57.9%). This was closely followed by those aged 36-55 years who mostly search the Instagram pages in the morning 10(19.6%) and at night 10(26.3%). It can also be observed that respondents aged over 75 years only search GoGym pages in morning 1(2%). From the results, it can be deduced that people aged between 18 and 35 years or generation Y access the Instagram pages often.

The reason is that they are technologically savvy. This group was born and grew with the emergence of the internet and social media compared to the babyboomers who are in their early sixties. Generation Y has unlimited access to the social media at any time of day because they are knowledgeable and interested in chatting with friends, searching for products and services online, and requesting and paying for goods online.

They are also available to receive news and other important messages. Morning hours are more convenient to them since they are catching up with family and friends and also at night to get hold of what transpired during the day. This shows that morning and evening hours are suitable times of day for generation Y to access the GoGym Instagram pages.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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