Essays on Smart Phones Marketing in Australia Research Proposal

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The paper "Smart Phones’ Marketing in Australia " is a perfect example of a marketing research proposal. This report utilizes the marketing Research methods in analyzing the general usage of smartphones in Australia. This includes the brand of smartphone mostly used, how frequent smartphones are used, their most used features and which age group utilizes them mostly. Questionnaires were used in collecting data and the collected data analyzed with SPSS. Charts graphs and tables were used in the presentation of the analyzed data also used. The questionnaire used contains 6 major parts which happen to be the research problems.

The first part requires the responded to give a YES or No answer. The 2nd and 3rd parts require them to choose from the options availed. The 4TH gives options where respondents have required to Circle the boxes with options 1-5. The boxes represent the following: 5 = very frequently, 4 = frequently, 3 = only occasionally, 2 = infrequently, 1 = never. The 5thand 6th ones have same options like the fourth part only that in 5th and 6th the options from 1-5 are different as follows. 1 = strongly agree, 2 = agree, 3 = uncertain/neutral, 4 = disagree, 5 = strongly disagree.

The last part requires the respondents to fill in their ages in the options provided. On top of that, the report also contains the survey’ s findings, limitations and recommendations as well. In the finding clause, all the data collected in the field during the survey, any other information and observations are clearly captured. In the cause of the survey, there were some challenges that were encountered and since there is need for more researches, it is vital that the researchers familiarize themselves with these covets and prepare do deal with them in the field in case of there arise.

Due to this, this report contains the imitation and covets part where all the challenges experienced in the field are recorded. Recommendations to these limitations are as well, vividly explained and in details. Because conclusions and references are important, they are also highlighted and included in the report. The research problem was establishing the trend in usage of smartphones in Australia.

The objectives to help in solving the research problem included: Telling if Aussies were using smart phones at the time of the research, the kind or brand of smart phones that they were using, the common features of the smart phones that they were commonly using and what they would consider in their next purchase of smart phones including the kind or brand of the phone. Among others as outlined in question form in the questionnaire. Methodology The survey makes use of the Likert-scale question, which attempts to establish the respondent’ s facts and opinions on the general use of smart phones in Australia, the popular brand and features of the phones.

Likert-scale question entails testing of the agreement or disagreement degrees or levels of respondents. The options given to the questionnaire’ s questions in this research are formulated to give information on the respondent’ s agreement or disagreement levels hence approach of Likert-scales. These options are as follows: strongly agree, agree, uncertain, disagree and strongly disagree. English is used in this research because of the residence of the respondents that is based in Canberra Australia.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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