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The paper "Noteable Limited Marketing Plan" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   This business will provide services by acting the intermediary role between students who do not have notes with those who have them. The company will tap business opportunity by solving challenges that students face due to inadequate notes that originate from missed classes and poor quality notes subsequently leading to failure in the final exams. Those who require notes will be posting specifications on the website. Those who have notes that meet those criteria will bid as proof that they have notes that meet the specified criteria within a specified time.

The most important attribute of this business is the ability to provide specific notes as taught by a specific lecturer within the shortest time possible that a student needs them. Customers will have a chance to get top quality notes that are required to get excellent grades, thus avoiding the challenges of having poor notes and subsequent poor performance in class. Our customers include college students buying notes and fellow college students who are out to make money during their college years. Noteable limited vision is to create a friendly, trustworthy, and reliable website that will support students to excel in their academic endeavors.

The vision will be achieved by linking students with perfectly clear notes with those who do not have them at an expense. It will keep students interacting and able to share knowledge as well as earn from their daily academic activities. The company will be called Noteable Limited and will have a website called Noteable Online. Noteable name was preferred due to the frequent use of the word notes while searching for solutions related to notes.

Customers will associate the company name and the service they expect to make. Moreover, the word ‘ able’ is used as a suffix to imply that they can get good notes and worry no more. Besides, it is a reminder to others that it is possible to make money out of the notes provided. It will be an internet-based company where staff and customers interact online by logging into their accounts as provided on the company website.

However, the company will have one main physical address head office to host the Chief executive officer and the secretariat. Customers are allowed to make physical visits to the head office in case of any special services that are only possible through face-to-face interaction. Noteable Limited intends to serve mainly college students who have conflicting interests in school, job, partying, sickness, job search, parenting, and many other issues that reduce their attention in classwork and result in subsequent low quality of notes. Moreover, each lecturer has a special type of notes that cannot be searched online.

Hence, such notes were only available from classmates who attended lectures and got first-hand notes. Noteable Limited aims to start locally by engaging clients in our country before venturing to global markets that are quite reachable via the internet. Approximately, sixty percent of college students are worried about the quality of notes they have due to their divided attention in classwork. Of these, thirty percent obtains information from internet search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Yahoo among others, while supplement knowledge they get from their scanty notes.

The others manage academic activities that require a clear understanding of concepts taught through hardships to get the least possible grades that will make them qualify for the next semester (Latreille, 18).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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