Essays on Situational Analysis of Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix Case Study

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The paper "Situational Analysis of Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Breakfast has for many times been said to be the most important meal of the day. It is argued that one ought to start the day with a filling and nutritious meal in order to give his or her metabolism a kick start. Research has shown that eating breakfast can make one be more alert and assertive to face the day (Nnakwe, 2009). It is argued that the best cereals to have for breakfast are those, which have low sugar, fat and calories content but instead has abundant fibre.

Such cereal needs also to have nutritional ingredients in order for it to be the best for the consumer. Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix will be made using whole grains and will be low in sugar and salts. It will not contain any preservatives or chemical colourings (Westwood, 2011). This is expected to be the breakfast cereal of choice in the Australian market. Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix is expected to contain an adequate supply of proteins, carbohydrates, energy, minerals and vitamins per bowl (Hunger & Wheelem, 2007).

The cereal mix is expected to be formulated carefully by food scientists and nutritionists in consultation with the WHO and institutions of higher learning in Australia. A single bowl of Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix is expected to provide up to 50% or more of the daily requirements for all macro and micronutrients. This essay takes a look at a situational analysis of Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix which intends to produce various cereal breakfast products that are to be introduced in Melbourne Australia.

This situational analysis takes a look at demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political and Cultural factors that may impact on the Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix business. Demographic Market demographics refer to geographic, demographics and behavioural factors of the target market. Geographic refers to the target group in a specified geographical location. Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix target market will be Australia and will be situated first in Melbourne before its expansion to other areas. Demographics describe population gender, ages, educational levels and income of the target market (Nnakwe, 2009).

Behavioural factors refer to the lifestyles of the target market. Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix is good for the whole family both young and the old. Given the fact that it has no food additives and is made up of whole grain with little or no sugar and fat is good for the health of Australians. Many Australians have been battling with the health problem of obesity and diabetes and such a whole cereal is good for fighting such problems. Economic Economic factors entail the general economic situation; consumer spending strength, current and future government spending levels; the ease by which people can obtain loans; the current and future level of inflation, unemployment and interest rates; specific taxation policies and trends and exchange rates.

The purchasing power of customers and the cost of capital of the company are usually affected by economic factors. In macroeconomy, economical factors include economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation (Westwood, 2011). Melbourne is one of the regions in Australia with vast resources. The policies for business operations in this region are flexible and Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix is bound to benefit from this economic impetus (Westwood, 2011).

Given the business structures and business policies embraced by both the federal government of Australia and the Melbourne government, Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix will be able to establish itself in Melbourne and beyond with little difficulties. In addition, the policies will enable Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix to reap from minimal taxation, foreign exchange controls and duty. Thus the company will have minimal operating costs that will help it offer different cereals for breakfast at competitive prices. Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix expects to provide products which are of high value and therefore value-based products are expected to attract many Australians to buy these products since most of them value quality products over cheap low-quality products (Nnakwe, 2009).

Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix intends to ensure that all products it deals to meet high-quality standards. Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix will be involved in auditing contract manufacturers that will be supplying it with different cereals to ensure that the quality of products meets the needs of its customers. It will also be involved in the inspection of all products before they are packaged in addition to carrying out process testing during the packaging of various products.

Furthermore, Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix intends to have process and systems in place which maintain, monitor and improve the quality of all products that the company intends to produce. As mentioned earlier the firm will be collaborating with local universities and WHO in addition to nutritionists and scientists to come up with innovative breakfast mix products that will gather for all people living within Melbourne and Australia at large. All these mechanisms are aimed at providing Health-Break Breakfast Cereal Mix customers with high-quality products that the customer will appreciate buying at any cost.

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