Essays on Significance of the Overall Segmentation Targeting Differentiation and Positioning Strategies Case Study

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The paper "Significance of the Overall Segmentation Targeting Differentiation and Positioning Strategies" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. UNE Life is an online platform that shows different offerings from the University of New England. The university offers different products and services through various businesses. he business on the website are; SportUNE, campus essentials, the Stro, the Booloominbah collection, Belgrave Cinema, Life functions & catering, Sleek, Café Life, and Yarm Gwanga. The main aim of UNE Life is to ensure that the students are able to enjoy life on campus.

This is through making the experience easier and more enjoyable. This report focuses on Café Life UNE (UNE Life, 2015). The report starts by looking at the café 's mission, objectives, and strategies. The report then focuses on industry analysis and strategies. Through macro and microanalysis, the report looks at the industry attractiveness and relevance of marketing research for decision making at UNE Café Life. Lastly, the overall segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning strategies are analyzed. SMART objectives and hierarchy of strategies for UNE Life The main aim of the café Life UNE is to enable the students and staff to relax and catch up as they enjoy great coffee and food.

The café has been serving as a social hub for both the staff and students. The goals for Café UNE life are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART). This makes it possible to attain them compared to general goals. Objectives Reach a wider market (targeting neighboring community) Provide a social hub for the customers Provision of varieties of homemade and take away meals Provision of discounts for UNE students Strategies In order to achieve the set objectives, café UNE Life has to increase its marketing.

This will make it possible to expand and achieve a large market share. The café has to target and acquire the neighboring community. The university will continue offering discounts and extend them to the newly acquired market. Industry in which Café UNE Life will compete (industry’ s five competitive forces) Café UNE life is in the cafes and coffee shop industry in Australia. Through the use of porter five forces analysis, it is possible to determine the feasibility of the industry and the potential for profits.

The five forces help in determining the profitability of the industry (Porter, 2008). Threats of new entrants The barriers to entry determine the threat of new entrants. This includes the economies of scale, differentiation, switching costs, differentiation, and scope of operations (Porter, 2008). The café and coffee shop industry have high capital costs, high fixed costs and total costs. The economies of scale in the industry are considerable. Due to high capital costs, the café business requires a management that is able to have a cost-effective approach to the usage of resources.

The industry requires a high level of management expertise. The university has the capability of hiring highly trained staff to handle the task. Access to a good location in the café and coffee shop industry is also a major barrier. The high entry barriers make it hard for new entrants to enter the industry. There are limited numbers of suitable locations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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