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The paper 'Marketing Strategy of the Memory Card Readers"  is a great example of marketing coursework. The product chosen for market mix analysis is a smart card reader which is its brand name, a new type of readers capable of reading all the computer and phone memory cards like SD, Flalsh, XD and SM among others. Since consumers are sensitive to the quality and the functionality of the product, it can be categorised under shopping goods in the classification of consumer goods. Market size The market size of the memory card readers is on the rise given the relevance of computing and the need to foster fast data transfers in between computers, laptops and even phones like HTC and iPhones.

With the card reader capable of reading up to 2.0 USB speed, this speed allows file transfer up to 2 Mb/s and hence one of the fastest in the modern computer world. The market size of the memory card reader is thus expected to grow even more and became a household property like a computer because of its complementing functions. It is also expected to increase its market size all around the world as computer sales have increased throughout the world.

In essence, since more than 200 million PCs and more than 150 million laptops have been sold all over, the memory card reader which cost about 5$ AUD is thus expected to grow even faster than the rate of both PCs and Laptops. In Australia, the market size is large cannot be fully accounted for since almost the entire population uses computers and phones. This means that memory card readers can be used by a wider demographics in Sydney the target market. Major players/competitors In the Australian market alone, top brands of card readers include; Aspacer, Transcend, SanDisk and LACIE.

A spacer manufactures Jaycar brands, Transcend manufactures PhotoFast, SanDisk produces Swann and LACIE produces Lexar. These are the top four brands in the Australian market but there are other manufactures of other brands that have also entered into the Australian market and also other parts of the world market. These brands include; disk smith, Verbatim and Cyber Snipa among others. Market segment The market segment will be considered based on the following factors; common needs desires, potential product users, consumer behaviour, demographic consideration and geographic consideration.

These aspects of the consumer characteristics are essential in ensuring that the product successfully penetrates the market and achieves high sales turnover. Market segmentation will also be essential in determining the target group of people that are likely to use the product (Wren 2006). Based on market research usage of computers and smartphones, people of ages 8-60 are the dominant users of tablets, PCs and Smartphone’ s for entertainment purposes and hence market segment for the smart card readers (Franses 2001).

This is also because these demographic practise a lot of song download and sharing with friends and even between devices that they have. It is common for these people to download a song and transfer the song to their iPod or iPhone, the vice versa is also common. These behaviours form the basis of the demographic choice. Since the target market will initially be in Australia and precisely in Sydney, this will be the initial geographical segmentation of the market. More so, the use of Smartphone’ s and related devices are high in Sydney as compared to other parts of the country.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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