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The paper "Katie Hairdressing and Beauty Parlor Marketing Plan" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Also known as the 4ps, marketing mix refers to a set of tactics that an organization can use to promote its products/services or brand in the market. The marketing mix is made up of product, price, promotion, and place (Moller, 2006). This section will discuss Katie Hairdressing and Beauty Parlour 4Ps. 2.1 Product 2.1.1 Product concept The product can be defined as that physical product or service which is eventually offered to the client. For products, this includes the services or the conveniences that are part of the product offered.

Some of the important product aspects include appearance, warranty, and positioning, branding, service, packaging and product life cycle (Palmer 2004). Katie Hairdressing and Beauty Parlor is a family salon offering hairdressing services and beauty therapy services specifically suited for each target group. Hairdressing services for men; Our signature service includes: • Haircut • Shampoo• Conditioning Treatment• Hot Towel• Scalp Massage• Re-shampoo• Styling Other services include: Young men's cut for boys 13-19Includes: • Shampoo• Haircut• Re-shampoo Children’ s cut age 12 and underIncludes: • Haircut Hairdressing services for Ladies Our signature service includes: Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry Wash and Blow-Dry Wash, Blow-Dry and Straighten Wash and Cut Dry Cut Blow Dry Shampoo and Set Cut, Shampoo and Set Intensive Conditioning treatment (inc.

Head Massage) Hair up Perm Tints and Hi-lights; Woven Hi-lights Full Head Half Head T Section Parting Full Head Tints Semi-Permanent Cap Hi-light Men Beauty Therapy services: Facials Express Men's Spa Facial This service is for those men who are busy but want a ‘ quick-fix’ . It starts with an exfoliation followed by steaming process and finally a purifying mask. This process takes only 30 minutes. Man-Made Spa Facial This is an intensive treatment which addresses all concerns that men clients have with their skin.

It mainly focuses on deep cleansing for the dehydrated skin it also includes chest and neck massage scalp relaxation. It takes one hour. Men's Executive Spa Facial This treatment will start with a relaxing massage followed by a detoxifying and hydrating facial. Finally, a scalp massage will be done. This process will take one and a half hours. Feet & hands Men’ s manicure- removing cuticles, buffing, scrubbing, masking and massage. It takes 25 minutes. Men’ s pedicure- removing cuticles, buffing, scrubbing, masking and massage. It takes 25 minutes. Men’ s Spa Body Back Buff Deep cleansing under Vichy Shower Treatment for 30mins Body Scrub & Massage Full body exfoliation under Vichy Shower Treatment Body Scrub & Detoxification Full body purifying under Vichy Shower Treatment for one hour Men’ s Waxing, Grooming & Tanning Back and Shoulders Chest and Stomach Full Leg & Speedo Full Arm and Under Brows or Lashes Women Beauty Therapy services: Facials MedSpa Beauty Facial This treatment is aimed at rejuvenating all skin types for women through pampering, hydrating and use of anti-oxidants to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

It also includes optional make-up for the client. It takes 45 minutes Express Peel Treatment This treatment is for ladies who are in a rush but need a quick fix for their face.

It also includes a complete makeup. It takes 15 minutes. Teen Acne Facial This is a treatment specially made to meet the concerns of teenage ladies who have acne.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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