Essays on Marketing Strategy: Canberra Black Forest Chocolate Cafe Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategy: Canberra Black Forest Chocolate Cafe" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Product is a critical marketing mix element that Canberra Black Forest café will have to factor in to ensure the success in the market. First, for Canberra Black Forest café to succeed in the Australian competitive chocolate market, the café will have to ensure that it provides the customers with quality chocolates. Gelder and Woodcock (2003) observed that quality is a key factor that customers look for in a product when making buying decisions.

Therefore, the café must ensure that customers get value for money by providing them with quality chocolates. Second, Ataman, Van Heerde and Mela (2010) suggest that every business can compete effectively for customers by ensuring constant satisfaction of customer needs. However, the best company usually goes beyond the customer’ s expectations by providing additional benefits, which they never imagine. Because of this, Canberra Black Forest café should consider going beyond the expectations of the customers by providing them with a variety of products, including different chocolates, desserts and beverages.

Providing a variety of chocolates, desserts and beverages will give customers a choice, thus helping draw many customers to the café . Additionally, to compete effectively in the Australian chocolate market, Canberra Black Forest café will have to ensure that the products are served in a serene, clean and comfortable environment. This is important because customer normally looks at the cleanliness and the environment in which the products are served notes Ataman, Van Heerde and Mela (2010). Additionally, the café will also have to consider introducing entertainment products, such as free internet services and television to supplement the main products as this would help attract customers that look not just for food, but also entertainment, such as sports.

Moreover, Canberra Black Forest café will have to ensure that customers are provided with excellent services by the service staff to help build loyalty and repeated purchase. Price Price is an important marketing mix element that any firm that hopes to succeed in a competitive business environment must take into account (Jensen, 2013). Because of the high competition in the Australian chocolate industry, Canberra Black Forest chocolate will have to consider charging affordable prices for its chocolates to ensure competitiveness and success.

Smith (2011) observed that most chocolate consumers are price-sensitive and look for chocolates that are affordable in terms of prices. Therefore, to succeed in the Australian chocolate market, Canberra Black Forest café will have to differentiate itself from rivals, such as Cadbury by charging prices that are relatively lower than what the competitors charge. However, the café will have to ensure that the chocolates are not priced too low because this would make customers associate the low prices with low quality. Additionally, the café will have to consider providing discounts on its chocolate bars to attract customers to the brand.

In particular, it would be important for the café to provide discounts during festive seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine Day. At the same time, the café should consider providing discounts for customers that buy the chocolates in large quantity as this would help promote repeat purchasing, thus resulting in high revenue and profits.


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