Essays on Marketing Strategy and Analysis Report of a Australian Local Supermarket- Woolworth Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategy and Analysis Report of an Australian Local Supermarket- Woolworth" is a good example of a case study on marketing. The Woolworths Company is a business that was commenced as a store. The store was first opened in Sydney (Datamonitor, pr 1). The company deals with the sale of electronic goods, general merchandise, liquor (Safeway liquor) as well as grocery. One of the major challenges that face the company is competition. This is because the supermarket industry in Australia is very competitive. The company’ s major competitors are the composite buyers, Cole’ s/ Bi-lo and the franklins.

Moreover, the company also faces competition from the IGA (Datamonitor, pr 1). In addition, the company is committed to making sure that the practices and policies governing the critical areas, for instance, financial reporting, corporate governance as well as remuneration reporting meet high levels of compliance and disclosure (Woolworths). Besides, the company also has the health and safety policies that ensure that they are committed to ensuring workplace safety. They include a risk management approach, effective employee consultation as well as effective implementation of the policy (Datamonitor, pr 1).

The company also has policies as well as procedures that make sure that personal information is protected irrespective of its source; it is handled with care and in a manner that conforms to the National Privacy Principles. This report aims at providing an analysis of the major industry in which Woolworths Company competes, an analysis of its environment and competitors, an assessment of its marketing and an overview of its green marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Besides, the report will identify one growth opportunity for the company and a set of recommendations for establishing a competitive advantage for that growth opportunity. Growth opportunity The Australian Woolworths Limited board of directors has ratified the company’ s plans to venture into the over 24 billion US dollars hardware sector (Round, 72-85).

The plan has a multi-format strategy that has been developed to address the daily improvement needs of the customers of Australia. The offer for new home improvement will be based on a combination of substantial international and local experts within the industry, the appropriate range demonstrating choice and value as well as a combination of the right traditional hardware store formats and big destination home enhancement stores to widen the choice of the consumer (Round, 72-85). The decision of the company to venture into the hardware as well as the home destination improvement sector matches its overall provisions aimed at delivering value to its customers every day (Woolworths).

It is apparent that the present status of home enhancements in Australia is under-serviced. As a result, Woolworths Limited sees this as an opportunity to ensure growth and competition in the sector with great effort (Round 72-85).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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